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Cinderella - Magic Ink Books - Magic Ink Books

Cinderella is beautifully retold in amazing “magic ink” making this a truly delightful ebook app. Previously, we reviewed The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Magic Ink Books – and loved that too.

What makes this version of Cinderella stand out is the “magic ink” technology. Pages in the book are in sepia tones and color – on the sepia toned pages wait until the narration is finished and then uncover the next scene by painting with your finger.

Like many eBook apps there are Read To Myself and Read to Me, in the preferences you can also choose from a male or female narrator.

Bottom-line: At the time of review this is a free app, but even as a paid app it would be well worth the download especially for those who love everything princess. Experience Cinderella in a way you have never experienced it before – through Magic Ink Booksâ„¢ beautiful rendition of this timeless classic.


    ✦ Use Magic Ink to to color in pages and reveal beautiful color illustrations
    ✦ Find the hidden magical carriage on every color page
    ✦ Read to Me: Choose a narrator (male or female) to read the book to you
    ✦ Read it Myself