Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are By Electric Eggplant

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This beautifully illustrated app for middle school students helps kids navigate the common issues of growing up and dealing with other kids and yourself. Issues include self esteem, teasing, bullying, peer pressure, stress and insecurity. It’s just a wonderful app with a style and tone that will appeal to tweens, teens and parents.

The graphic novel style makes is a fun and easy read and the diverse use of characters make it relate-able to many different kinds of kids. Bravo! Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential™ Graphic Novel — Middle school can be a serious pain with bullies putting you down, blowups threatening friendships, and real doubts about how you measure up. Good thing you don’t have to go it alone! Meet Mateo, Michelle and their friends—six teens trying to figure out what middle school’s all about. Follow their adventures and watch as they learn how to get along in middle school.