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Family & Offender GPS Tracker is an app that I’m very glad to have on my phone. It does two things – gives you a way to track your family members locations and provides a look at registered sex offenders who live around your neighborhood. The app is free to download and you’re also given access to the Life 360 website which has other safety features. Some of those features are free and some are an additional cost. I

Sex Offender Tracking – The app takes your location and pulls up the locations of registered sex offenders living around you. Their locations are seen on a map and each one is represented by an orange pin. If you tap on the pin you are provided with more detailed information about the offender. This could include their name, address, physical description and a description of a the charges against them. There will also be a photograph. You can explore the map by moving your finger around the screen to see areas farther out. The map will also show you safety locations like fire stations, hospitals and police stations.

Family Member Tracking – With this feature you can see your family member’s locations on the map. The people you’d like to track will need to download the app onto their phone. It’s available for Android and iPhone. Once they’ve installed it you’ll invite them to link up with you. This is done by sending an invitation from the app’s home screen. They’ll receive an email with a code that will link their phone to your account. You can create profiles for your family which show emergency contacts, medical conditions, medications, allergies and emergency instructions. When your family member has linked to your phone you will be able to see their location on this screen too. The idea is to “check in” when you arrive at a location. This can be done by tapping a green check mark on the main screen. This will show your status on the map as “safe”. The app also comes with a panic button of sorts. This is a red button with an exclamation mark on it. If you tap this button then a text, email and phone call can be sent to your contacts. These contacts are created on It took me a little bit to discover where I needed to enter in the contact information but it’s done in the “Emergency Messenger” section of the website.

Family & Offender GPS Tracker is easy to use and gives me both knowledge and peace of mind. Right now I’m primarily using it for offender information but when my children are old enough to venture off on their own the family member tracking will definitely come in handy.

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