Best Apps For Kids: Curated, Reviewed, & Compared

Our moms and educators rate, review and list the best apps and websites for kids. Find top-rated kids apps and get advice on finding the best educational websites and tools. 

Color Tree Coloring Book is an outstanding app that gives users the capability to create unique and fun color-by-number puzzles with some simple clicks. The app allows creating unique color palettes and coloring the puzzles if you wish, and after an inexpensive in-app purchase, the pictures can be saved, stored, and printed. Read More
The Beamz app for iOS and various computer types is an innovative and entertaining system that will bring the joy of music to learning experiences for countless users. It’s wonderfully accessible, even for individuals with a wide array of disabilities, and can enhance learning for just about anyone. Read More
Explorernauts is a unique and fun app that will send kids scrambling on an endless stream of exciting, unique treasure hunts! It’s a great way to get kids up off of the couch, send them outdoors, and coax them to use their brains. It makes Every Walk an Adventure! Read More
Preschool Math - Math Galaxy is an amazing app chock full of 11 great math activities for kids from preschool through grade 1. The skills covered are foundational to number concepts and the games are engaging and fun for little ones. It's a great find! Read More
Frederick: Learn to Read is an outstandingly effective app to help students of all ages learn about the phonics, spelling, and other aspects of reading English words. It’s suitable for ages 2 and up, persons learning English for the first time, adults needing help with literacy, and anyone else who wants to learn. Check it out today! Read More
Animation Kit is a simple yet fun and relatively powerful tool to create animated shorts (30 frames max). Children and even some adults will enjoy playing with the app and will be able to create colorful, engaging animations that will be a great tool for self-expression. Read More
Monkey Rounds is a fun little running/racing game that will help build children’s coordination and dexterity as well as their confidence as they play a game “like the big kids.” Read More
Kidz Knockout – Operations is a fun little app that helps children gain fluency with addition and multiplication as well as develop mental math skills. Help the monster shoot bubbles that add up or multiply to the number shown on his body to win the game! Read More
Math Bakery First Grade offers effective manipulative-based experiences with addition and subtraction that are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. Children can practice simple problems using a range of skills while they cement concepts such as grouping by tens, dividing in half, and doubling numbers, all while they play. Read More

Best of the Best - Our Faves

The best apps, products, youtube channels and much more. These are our favorites 

sight word superhero app review
Sight Word Superhero is a fun app that will help young kids master that crucial list of first words that supports early reading success. With timed and untimed challenges, the ability to individualize the list of focus words, and fun minigames to reward effort, this one is a good addition to your collection. Read More
In our hurry-up digital world, Smala is an island of calm and quiet where everyone can take a breath and communicate with family members. It will make staying in touch with distant family much easier and more friendly to younger children, and also will bridge the gaps caused by schedule and timing as well. You and your family will love the fun family sharing app! Read More
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