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In second grade, most students are mastering the basics of reading and gaining fluency. They need lots of practice with comprehension. There are still sight words to learn and phonics concepts to develop. These apps will help them continue to move toward literacy and have fun at the same time! Best Free Learn to Read …

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One outstanding trait of nearly all second graders is that they love science! They are curious and want to know how the world works. Help them explore on their own terms with these great science apps for grade 2. Physics, Chemistry, & How the World Works Nico & Nor Coconut Star WGBH – Free Second …

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AR-Kids: Space is an outstanding example of how the new features of iOS devices can be harnessed to create an immersive learning environment suitable for a wide audience. The app is easy to use and enjoyable, and offers basic information about outer space exploration and the solar system.

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Second grade is a time for kids to be sharpening their basic computation skills by learning their math facts and tackling more complex math problems. It’s also a time for them to learn about beginning fractions, place value, skip counting, telling time, using money, and reasoning about numbers. Take some of the tedium out of …

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Sometimes you just want to know that your first grader is getting some tangible benefits from tech. That’s when you to turn to these fun learning games for young students so that they can learn invaluable life skills faster and apply them more effectively. Skills they can take with them from 1st grade to adulthood. …

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Mazaam is a delightful app that is absolutely as much fun as it is educational. Players will get a healthy dose of classical music presented in ways that will have them begging to come back for more. They’ll get a taste of the many cognitive benefits of music and develop important skills such as concentration, listening skills, and logic, among many others.

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The early elementary years are a magical time! Kids are discovering the secrets of becoming literate, and there’s a lot you can do to help them in school. Here are some of the best apps to help your first grader along the road to reading, no matter what stage your child is at. Free Learn …

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Science takes many forms but in all of its guises, it teaches children problem-solving, scientific process, logical thinking, and reasoning. It also nurtures curiosity, wonder, and respect for the world around us. With the technology we have today, your children can be up and running with their very own experiments by accessing YouTube and utilizing …

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This day and age, children need all the extra practice they can get with math concepts and numbers. Classwork, even in these early grades, focuses on understanding the underpinnings of the number system and has moved away from the rote memorization of math facts that was common only a few years back. Many children need …

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Free Superman Coloring Pages

This fictional superhero hit the print in 1938 and hasn’t slowed down since. The comic book has transformed into radio series, televisions series, and many movies. He may not have been the first superhero to save the day, but he has become the superhero we compare everyone else to. Bring a little bit of crime-fighting …

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Free Dirt Bike Coloring Pages

We thought we’d save you some dirty laundry and muddy boot prints! Dirt biking is a wickedly fun hobby to have, but it sure lives up to its name. We’ve kept the dirt outside and brought the fun inside. Below are some action dirt biking shots and still shots for your kids to color on …

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Free Sports Car Coloring Pages

Sports cars can be absolutely WILD when it comes to their design and colors. Fuel your kids passion for sports cars with these awesome coloring pages! What could be more fun than taking your own creative spin on what color you think they should be? We have chosen some of the coolest (and fastest) cars …

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Free Super Mario Coloring Pages

It’s a-me, Mario! Alright, kids, here we go – a big collection of Mario and his crew has been created just for you. This classic character has been around for a long time and isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. We know how much fun it is to play the Mario games and watch the …

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Free Tis' the Season Coloring Pages

The best way to get in the holiday mood is with arts and crafts. Time to light some cinnamon scented candles, get the hot chocolate and marshmellows, and some cuddly blankets – your kids have some awesome coloring to do! These holiday coloring pages here were created by us – just for you!. That means …

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