Best Apps For Kids: Curated, Reviewed, & Compared

Our moms and educators rate, review and list the best apps and websites for kids. Find top-rated kids apps and get advice on finding the best educational websites and tools. 

Mazaam is a delightful app that is absolutely as much fun as it is educational. Players will get a healthy dose of classical music presented in ways that will have them begging to come back for more. They’ll get a taste of the many cognitive benefits of music and develop important skills such as concentration, listening skills, and logic, among many others. Read More

Best of the Best - Our Faves

The best apps, products, youtube channels and much more. These are our favorites 

Bogga Robot is a fun app that will intrigue and entertain children of nearly any age. The app uses logic and problem-solving to allow access to an assortment of mini-games such as Tic Tac Toe and more, making it fun and educational at the same time. Read More
SudoKids is a great app for teaching younger and less experienced players how to manage the puzzles independently. The smaller starter puzzles, the in-app features like highlighted duplicate numbers and hints, and the controlled levels of difficulty all set players up for success. Read More
Little Robot Shapes and Colors is a delightfully simple and straightforward app designed to help toddlers learn to match shapes and colors. The friendly, space-traveling robots will help young children practice crucial readiness skills that support later academic progress. Read More
Who’s Hiding There? is a pleasant ebook app designed for preschoolers (ages 3-5). Young children will enjoy the colorful illustrations, the animated segments of the story, the professional narration, and the challenge of finding each creature to move the game along. Read More
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