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Head to the Wild West and practice spelling sight words as you search for gold and explore Mystery Word Town.

Help Mr. Fox catch his fish dinner! This easy to use virtual fishing app is full of great images, sound ...

Summer is here and that means it’s time for family road trips! We have put together a list of apps ...

Earth Day is a good time for us to remember the need to be good stewards of the Earth. Children ...

Why Bath Time is a cute storybook app that teaches children not only the importance of bath time, but also ...

Winky Think Logic Puzzles is an outstanding app that will provide hours of productive play value to children from preschool ...

Kapu Bloom Tunes is a cute app that blends coloring, creativity, and music to create a unique and fun experience ...

Eric & Bruce Travel To Britain is free play app with beautiful graphics and lots of fun interactive images that ...

A fun roller coaster creator app that allows players to create epic, one-of-a-kind coasters to play and enjoy.

'dipityPix is a super simple and fun photo editor app that kids will love.

A cute app for young children that explores various careers in a fun, interactive way.

A great holiday app for Christmas and beyond with 4 fun games that children will be playing for hours.

Seasons Greetings! We believe in being respectful of other cultures and having a fun time. So, however you celebrate we ...

Sago Mini Road Trip will have your little one ready to take their own adventure as they enjoy taking Jinja ...

Even Monsters Are Shy is a great storybook app with a cute storyline and awesome interactive illustrations that will quickly ...

Buff Knight-RPG Runner is a fun, retro-style video game app with endless play that is fun for the whole family.

Cookie Monster’s Challenge is a fun and engaging app that will help your child prepare for success in school and ...

Join Arthur and his friends as they enjoy some after school fun, such as making smoothies, playing freeze tag, and ...
sago mini friends

Sago Mini Friends is an adorable app designed for young children that encourages creative play with a friend or alone.

Tiger and Elpho in Animal Land is a charming app that will appeal to the very young. The four games ...

Be creative! Design your own characters with this app from Jump App.

Henri le Worm is a highly interactive adventure involving all sorts of aspects related to food as Henri and friends ...

Max And The Magic Marker is a game that mixes drawing with platform jumping fun. This is a game that ...

If your child likes Spider-Man then without a doubt this is the ultimate game for them!

For kids who need extra instruction in basic math facts or those who want to increase their speed and accuracy, ...

Monki Animal Builder is a fun and quirky app that children are going to love for the silly animals they ...

Babyboard Game is a great early learning app for children 18 months or older that teaches children to use their ...

You can fix a flat tire or change the oil in this realistic app that allows children to explore what ...

Another great app from Sago Mini that allows children to explore fun creatures who sing, dance, and build sand castles ...

Another great app by Sago Mini that allows young children to explore various notes, tones, and tempo while tapping through ...

Maya The Bee: Flower Party is an awesome app with bright colors and gorgeous illustrations that allows children to learn ...
Apps For Christmas & Holidays

Seasons greetings! Here is our list of holiday apps. We will be adding to it so stop back often.

A blank canvas awaits kids, ready for them to create animals, people, or whatever creatures they desire.

Join Grandpa in his workshop and help him build, paint, and learn all about the fun tools he uses.

For the pirate lover in your home, this app helps children practice their spelling, math, and reasoning skills in a ...

For the science lover who enjoys a good challenge, Pettson's Inventions provides a puzzle like game for children to assemble ...
Sophies Drawings

Sophie’s Drawings guides young children through basic drawings.
forest pals

A cute autumn themed app that includes lots of activities for children to complete for a great price.

Younger kids can get in on the digital building craze.
My a Butterfly

Dr. Seuss-like rhymes help kids learn to read and learn about science.