Submit Your App For Review

We now have several different options for being included on the website, including submitting your app for review for free. Payment is never accepted for a positive editorial review. If you are looking for feedback about your app without a review, consider signing up for the App Analysis Service.

Here are the following opportunities for having your app on

Submit your app for review (Priority Review):
A Priority Review is reviewed within 14 days and costs $50. The Priority Review service does not guarantee a positive review or that your app will be featured on the site. The Priority Review service just ensures that your app is at the top of our list of apps to review and will be reviewed in 7 days from payment. However, if your app gets a rating of 4 or more stars from our reviewers it will be featured on the website.

Submit your app for review (Free):
This is a free service, we quickly scan apps that are submitted via this form and will contact you if we are interested in reviewing your app. This is not a waiting list, and we do not review all apps submitted. If you want to make sure that your app is reviewed by us you should upgrade to Priority Review.