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LuvYa Reader Recorder is a great app that allows children to stay connected with loved ones through recorded biblical stories that can be sent via email. Easy to use and a unique take on the traditional storybook app.

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LuvYa Reader Recorder is a unique take on the traditional story time that both parents and children will love. This recorder app allows parents, grandparents or anyone to record biblical stories, daily devotions, and prayers that can be shared with children, grand-children and others anywhere using the LuvYa Reader Listener app. This app provides a great way for families to stay connected no matter where they are in the world.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • 4 Pre-loaded stories
  • Great images/illustrations


I love the concept behind the LuvYa Reader Recorder app as it offers a great way to use technology for families to stay connected. The set up is easy to use and parents or grandparents can easily download the app, set up their profile and begin recording one of four pre-loaded stories and devotionals that can be sent to their children or grandchildren anywhere. The images and illustrations included are also very engaging and the receiver (using the LuvYa Reader Listener app) can easily access the recording and follow along with the story or devotional with ease. The quality of the recording is also very good which is important for this kind of app.


While this app is aimed at connecting families and sharing stories from The Bible, it isn’t what you think of when you think of traditional educational apps. This app does offer children a new way to learn biblical stories and read along using the listener app. Unlike other digital storybooks, this app does not include any text highlighting which is too bad and could enhance the educational component to allow children to learn new words and practice their reading skills as they follow along.


Imagine being several miles from grandma or grandpa and still being able to hear their voice with a bedtime story before bed. LuvYa Reader Recorder makes that possible which is great for children of all ages. The app comes pre-loaded with four stories and devotionals to start with and an entire store of other options to choose from all of which children will love. While this isn’t one of the apps you would ‘play’ it does offer children the chance to connect with loved ones near and far in a new way.


Both the LuvYa Reader Recorder and Listener apps are free to download and the recorder app comes pre-loaded with four stories that can be recorded and shared right off the bat. There are additional stories, prayers, and devotionals that can be purchased ranging in price from just under two dollars to just under five. While individually the prices don’t seem to be too much, it would be nice to have an option to purchase a bundle at a reduced rate for parents and grandparents. It is also important to note that the stories can only be shared up to three times before another purchase needs to be made. I think parents will agree this app is a great value as it offers a few stories to try for free before committing to purchasing more.

Child Friendliness

The LuvYa Reader Recorder is more likely going to be used by parents or grandparents since they are stories that are recorded to be sent to children. And since this app does include the option to purchase additional stories to be recorded it is important to have those areas protected in case children gain access to the app itself. The reader version of the app does not include any in app purchases or areas of concern and is likely where the children will be accessing stories, however parents will want to be aware that the in-app purchases aren’t protected in the recorder version of the app

  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES “in-app purchase” (unprotected)

Child Friendliness
Learn how to relax and find some daily peace with a large collection of topical meditations.

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Price: Free
AppStore User Rating: 4.5
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If you’ve ever wanted to try meditation OMG. I Can Meditate is a great place to start. This app shares information on how to get started meditating, taking you through a daily meditation routine designed to get you into the habit of meditating. Then it backs up that information with a large collection of topical meditations designed to help you with nearly any situation where you need to de-stress and relax. It’s not just for adults either. Kids will find a collection of meditations designed to help them through some of their most stressful moments.

Features include:

  • Meditation tips
  • Guided meditations
  • Daily meditations
  • Meditations for kids


An easy-to-use interface helps users get right to meditating. A video tutorial welcomes new users and helps them get started. A menu icon opens a sidebar that displays the different sections of the app, including Daily Meditations, Meditation in Motion, and a Kids & Family section. Daily motivations can be played at different lengths from 12-18 minutes. Topical meditations all display the time so you know how much time you need to dedicate to each meditation before getting started.


This app is really focused on helping people find success with meditation. The introductory video details the developer’s experience with meditation and her ability to help nearly anyone meditate. Each individual meditation moves at a slow, relaxing pace, and provides clear instructions to help the person meditating become as comfortable as possible. The app is also peppered with tips designed to make meditation successful.


It’s hard not to feel relaxed when browsing through the meditations in the app. Of course the app seems a bit dull at first because it lacks a lot of sound effects, bright colors, and highly interactive components. The goal is to get users to focus on the meditation aspect, not the entertainment aspect. The meditations designed for kids use a slightly more upbeat voice that sounds very friendly. It is easy to envision kids stopping to listen to the voice and following the instructions for a bit of quiet during a busy day.


The app is free to download and offers a small sampling of meditations for free. This is enough to help users determine whether to purchase a subscription. Unfortunately, one would have to be really committed to meditating to pay the hefty monthly subscription price.

Child Friendliness

Since the app is not specifically designed for children, it is not very child friendly. Pop-up windows ask users to rate their experience with the app. Other portions of the app allow users to recommend the app to friends and send messages to friends who also use the app. Users who plan to use the app regularly must also sign up for an account. Parents should not allow kids to access the app unsupervised and, instead, select and play meditations for them.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES “rate me” (protected, but visible)
  • YES in-app purchases (protected, but visible)
  • YES add friends

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Taking its title from the popular children’s song, Twinkle Twinkle Hear My Prayer provides kids with a soothing bedtime story that teaches them how to pray as they fall off to sleep. Kids can say the simple prayer along with the narrator as they read through the story and tap on the stars to gather the letters in the word peace. They’ll end the story with a sweet song set to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” If kids still can’t fall asleep, they’ll find additional activities to help them learn more about prayer and entertain them until they drift off to sleep.

Features include:

  • Original song about prayer
  • Relaxing background music
  • Read to Me and Read to Myself options


From the quiet piano music in the background to the soothing voice of the narrator, Twinkle Twinkle Hear My Prayers has the feel of a bedtime story. As kids read through the story, they’ll find a few interactive elements, all pointed out by large arrows. The slight lack of interactive elements may disappoint some kids, but it’ll keep them from becoming too excited at bedtime. Those who can’t fall asleep will find additional activities at the end of the story, but they can only access them by tapping through the entire story since they’re not available from the main screen.


Those interested in teaching their kids how to pray will appreciate the lessons contained within this sweet story. In addition to teaching kids how to pray through the story itself, the app also teaches kids how to pray a Five Finger Prayer with each finger reminding kids what to pray about.


This story could quickly become a new bedtime tradition. As kids read through the story they can pray along, inserting the names of their own loved ones and other prayer requests in between the pages. Before drifting off to sleep, they’ll enjoy singing the simple Bedtime Prayer Song set to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” It all ends with the phrase “Peace be with you, little one,” to send kids off to sleep sweetly.


While priced a bit high for what it offers, parents will find it hard to find anything similar. Those looking for a simple way to introduce their kids to prayer will find that it’s a quality, engaging app for kids and worth the price.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find the story easy to navigate. All interactive elements are clearly labeled with arrows and they can quickly tap on bubbles, pull the covers over a teddy bear, and drag the stars containing the letters in the word “peace.” A parental block keeps kids from accessing information about additional apps, which is good. Kids also cannot access the additional activities and Bedtime Prayer Song without reading through the entire story, which is a bit frustrating for kids who have already read through the story and want to review those elements again.

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However you celebrate we wish you all love, happiness and a healthy dose of unhealthy food!

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Some apps may be rated age 9+.

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Whether you are a parent looking for faith-based kids’ apps or are someone who enjoys this childhood song this is an adorable app to download

Available on the App Store


Kids can watch a music video, sing Jesus Loves Me, play match game alone or with friends, and learn bible verses. The ability to record as they sing the song to multiple remixes is a plus.

Cute characters and contemporary design gives this app a modern Christian vibe.

Features include:

  • Music video
  • Karaoke sing-along with Original, Dance, Hip-Hop, & Video Game remixes
  • Match game
  • Short bible verse animations


Cute characters and a simple interface will make this app appealing for young kids. Users are not required to be proficient readers to use the app as there is very little text for them to read. With some guidance at the beginning they will be able to easily use the app on their own.


This app is not being rated for education. It could be used as an aid to teach young children the Jesus Loves Me song or to recite the included bible verses.


Jesus Loves Me has multiple entertainment options all of which are centered on this common childhood song, even the bible verses in one activity center around love.


At the current introductory price the features and content make it a good app to download. Additional content is needed to make this app one you would keep on your device for the long term.

Child Friendly

The simple design makes the app easy for young kids to use.

Jesus Loves Me is a child-safe environment for your little ones. The app does contain social media buttons that have been tucked away on a menu for parents. It does not contain in-app purchases or ads.

Available in the App Store

Noah’s Memory Match is a cute, kid-friendly, well designed match game. It offers the choice of two languages, English and Spanish, five levels of difficulty, two game modes and hours of entertainment.

This isn’t just a match game, but an opportunity for your child to learn another language or for little ones learning new words. As the cards are flipped to reveal the animal, the narrator pronounces the animal name. One other benefit of this app could be using it with multiple players; which would be good practice for taking turns.

For each game mode (classic or timed), you have five levels of difficulty to choose from. More cards are added as the difficulty increases. Easiest level has eight cards, most difficult has 24. The timed mode has the flood waters rising, as the timer.

Noah’s Memory Match is a universal app that works well on either device. I was a little concerned how the 24-card game would work on the smaller screen of an iPod. It proved to be easy to use, even for adult-size fingers.

The overall design is cheery, kid-friendly, and intuitive. Though I do like the design of this app, I do have two suggestions for improvement; provide an option to turn the music off and make the narrator’s voice a little louder if the music is on. Turning the music off would be helpful if the child is learning the name of the animals, in either language. The music could be a distraction for some. Also, having the narrator’s volume a little louder so it can be heard better over the music would be helpful.

Bottom-line: Noah’s Memory Match is a fantastic match game app that is reasonably priced and will provide hours of entertainment for you and your kids.

Can you help Noah matchup the animals before the flood?

The story of Noah’s ark will be brought to life in your child’s imagination in Noah’s Memory Match. With five levels of difficulty and two games modes your child want to play again and again.

In addition to building memory skills, Noah’s Animal Match builds language skills with the ability to play in both English and Spanish. With high quality voice acting through the entire game, your child will learn the names of animals in both languages.


  • Play in English & Spanish
  • 5 Levels of Difficulty
  • 2 Game Modes (Classic & Time)
  • Randomized Gameplay with 15 Animals
  • Learn Animal Names in English & Spanish
  • Voice Acting Through The Entire Game

Regular Price: 0.99

Available in the App Store

Immerse your children in the biblical tale of David and Goliath in a whole new way with this animated storybook iPad app.

Thrilling Animation

The David and Goliath for iPad – The MVP Edition app has some of the most amazing storybook animation I have ever seen in an eBook app. Each scene contains interactive properties and animation. It’s like watching a Disney production. The work is that good.
It will be easy for your child to dig in to this ancient tale thanks to some larger than life animation. There are also many mini games throughout the story, from slinging boulders across the valley of E’lah to helping young David defeat a lion and a bear.

An Uplifting Message

The MVP edition of the classic tale of David and Goliath is narrated by none other than baseball super star David Eckstein, MVP of the 2006 World Series, who is no stranger to overcoming great odds.
There is even a special message at the end of the story from Eckstein’s wife, actress Ashley Eckstein, about the importance of perseverance in the face of opposition. Now that’s a message you can really get behind.

More to Come

David and Goliath is the first eBook title from a new company, Jumping Pages. The bar has been set, and I look forward to reviewing additional titles from this outstanding publisher.


With its soaring soundtrack, sweeping scenes and brilliant set of interactive features, the David and Goliath for the iPad MVP Edition app is one of the highest quality eBooks out there.

David Eckstein, 2006 World Series MVP, narrates this 3D animated, interactive rendition of the Biblical story of David and Goliath with the same passion that saw him become a modern-day David who overcame the odds to achieve glory.

The MVP Edition is filled with stirring 3D animation and engaging interactivity that brings to life David and Goliath’s epic battle. The reader immerses themselves in the story through dozens of activities, including catapulting flaming projectiles, defeating a lion and a bear, taking aim at Goliath, and joyfully tossing David in the air after his victory.

David and Goliath for the iPad is a unique experience for the reader on every page. Never before have animation, interactivity and a musical score been brought together in such an uplifting way.