Music Apps For Kids

The best music apps for kids really help toddlers and preschoolers explore the fun filled world of musical instruments. Here’s a closer look at music apps that introduce young children to the world of music.


Put on your dancing shoes and hone your musical knowledge as you boogie with Grandma.

Introduce kids to fun animated versions of classic stories and silly songs with MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan.

Sam Plays Saxophone is a pleasant e-book with a small selection of activities to supplement the story, but it may not live up to the levels that the price might ...

It's time for a dance party with Crayola DJ where kids put their DJ skills to the test as they mix tracks and sound effects to create sweet beats.

Jazzy World Tour is an excellent educational app with lots of great information and fun activities for children to enjoy. Particularly great for music lovers!

Explore the Clangers' planet through a series of games and activities designed for young kids to enjoy.

NetKids Digital Entertainment Network lets kids experience unlimited content from many of their favorite characters - for a small monthly fee.

Toddlers Musical Tunes is a cute musical app for young children that allows players to explore a variety of sounds and instruments. Easy to use and fun!

Adorable musical notes introduce kids to pitch through a variety of musical sounds and challenges.
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Animal & Nature Apps Fantastic Wildlife and Nature apps that will help your kids do things like find the closest parks, forests and nature centers all the way through to ...

Opera Maker is a fun, creative app that allows children to enjoy a few favorite operas and create their very own. Great for the creative child who loves creating their ...

Old Macdonald becomes more interactive as kids get to play around on the farm as they sing one of their favorite songs.

Kapu Bloom Tunes is a cute app that blends coloring, creativity, and music to create a unique and fun experience for young children.

Little Luna-Big Talent is a fun, interactive app that children will love for all of the awesome illustrations and the silly 'tooting' music throughout.

Replace the heavy books with Waterford Learning's app full of digital stories, educational songs, and fun math review games.

Four silly musical monsters inspire creativity and encourage kids to create their own unique pieces of music.

Boj-Musical Mayhem is a children’s ebook based on popular characters from British television. In this adventure, the characters solve problems and express themselves.

A musical treat for babies who will delight in tapping on animals and using their sounds to create their own musical compositions.

Harried parents will love this instant kid-occupying app for iPhone and iPad that puts child-friendly video shorts into children’s hands.

Kids Music Factory is an awesome app for music lovers and creators. Safe, easy to use and fun too!
Rainforest Musical

The Rainforest Musical Kakamega is a magical experience for parents and children with an amazing story, beautiful illustrations, and wonderful music to enjoy!

Learn all about the classics and key character traits in these adorable puppy videos.

Another great app by Sago Mini that allows young children to explore various notes, tones, and tempo while tapping through two classic children's songs.

A great app with fun holiday music and customizable Christmas cards that will keep little ones entertained, especially during this time of year.

Matisyahu's "Happy Hanukka"-Jam Along is a wonderful holiday app with lovely illustrations and fun music for children to enjoy. Great for music lovers.

Santa's Merry Band is a great app for music lovers that allows children to explore various instruments and enjoy a variety of unique holiday songs.

Kids become mini composers and learn about notes as they play with this bright, musical app.
Apps For Christmas & Holidays

Seasons greetings! Here is our list of holiday apps. We will be adding to it so stop back often.
Ariel's Musical Suprise

Join Flounder and his underwater friends as they create a special musical surprise for Ariel. Explore the underwater grotto to play music and discover unique interactive treasures!
Stella and Sam Halloween Band

Another great Stella and Sam app that will inspire the little musician in your home to create their own musical masterpiece!
Peg and Cat Big Gig

The perfect app for little ones to explore their musical imaginations in a creative and fun environment.
Watch and Find-VeggieTales Silly Song Favorites

Watch and Find-VeggieTales Silly Song Favorites is an app that puts a new spin on the traditional search and find game with fun songs and snippets from the VeggieTales videos.

[two_third] Welcome to another fabulous Free App Friday! We’ll update the post throughout the day, so don’t forget to come back – some apps stay free all weekend. So go ...

Welcome to another fabulous Free App Friday!
Kids Ear Training

Kids Ear Training is best suited for children with prior musical education, especially if they are currently learning an instrument.

[two_third] We’ll update the post throughout the day, so don’t forget to come back – some apps stay free all weekend. So go and download some apps, and always remember ...

[two_third] With 3 picks already, we think this is going to be an amazing Free App Friday! We’ll update the post throughout the day, so don’t forget to come back ...
Mama Mae

Journals of Mama Mae & Lee Lee is a unique app created in part by Alicia Keys with a variety of activities, stories, and music that will engage and entertain ...
Little Red Wagon

Cat Doormans' Little Red Wagon is a cheerful, interactive musical app that is great for young children, but especially those with a love for music.

Kids can tag along as Jubitron the Girl Robot goes on a picnic with her friends in this cute interactive storybook.


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