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Head to the fairy tale world of Princess Lila and her friends. While the app’s title suggests the game only contains spelling and counting activities, it actually offers a lot more. Kids can play 10 different learning games that require them to spell, count, sort, make matches, solve mazes, and connect the dots. Each activity extends the fairy tale theme. For example, kids must guide a knight through the maze to reach the princess or make matches with cards that contain royal horses. Kids also get to interact with the town Princess Lila lives in, spinning windmills, tapping on buildings, and moving horses along the paths. Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing games in this fairy tale themed land.

Features include:

  • 10 different learning games
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Progress tracking
  • Fairy tale theme


When kids enter the app, they’re exposed to a fairy tale village complete with spinning windmills, roaming animals, and numerous other moving parts. The colorful graphics and animations, along with the fairy tale theme, grab kids’ attention. As they discover and play the different learning games contained within the app, kids will find everything runs smoothly. However, in a few instances, the games are a bit touchy for young fingers. For example, in the sorting game, kids can only drag the fruits into the correct baskets through certain paths, making it difficult for little fingers who are just learning how to drag and drop.


While simple in scope, the games help kids build their basic skills. They’ll learn how to spell some simple royal words, discover the names of farm animals, and help Princess Lila complete a variety of activities. Some of the games even offer a unique twist on traditional activities. For example, in the matching game, kids must match the animal, mermaid, and fairy bottoms with their tops, rather than just matching pictures.


Each time kids open the app to play with Princess Lila and her friends, they can choose from three different player profiles. The app encourages kids to pick the same profile each time to track their progress, monitoring how many jewels and characters they have found and how many phoenixes, dragons, and ducklings they have hatched.


Princess Lila – Children’s Spelling & Counting Games is priced at the same rate as similar learning apps for kids. For the price, kids not only get access to 10 different learning activities and three different levels of play, but they also get to learn a little more about Princess Lila and the role she plays in her fairy tale land.

Child Friendliness

A kid’s natural tendency may be to tap along the path to play the various games found in Princess Lila’s world. They’ll soon realize, however, that while the buildings and other items on the map are interactive, it is the sun that controls all of the games. Once kids learn to tap on the sun, they’ll have fun rotating through the 10 different learning games. On the main screen, kids and parents can also control the level of difficulty, choosing from Easy, Medium, and Hard. Parental gates prevent kids from accessing additional information from the app’s developers.

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AppStore User Rating: 4.5

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The Glutton Dragon loves to eat candy. Cotton candy, gumdrops, lollipops, even ice cream with candy toppings — he’ll eat it all, even princesses who kind of look like candy. It’s this love for candy that introduces kids to the concept of gluttony and helps teach them the importance of healthy eating in Senda and the Glutton Dragon. Kids will delight in this cute interactive story that has the feel of a classic fairy tale combined with a more modern, and very important, message.

Features include:

  • Text highlighting
  • Available in six languages
  • Interactive animations
  • Fun dragon-feeding game


The beautiful graphics have a clear fairy tale feel and the background music in the app adds to the feeling of a more traditional feel. However, the story still manages to feel a bit more modern than a traditional fairy tale. As kids read through the story, they’ll hear narration designed to emphasize specific words and text highlighting that appears a bit light on some backgrounds, but still serves its purpose. Kids will easily be able to follow the story and interact with the characters and settings as they read.


Through text highlighting and narration kids can learn new words as they read through the story. For older readers, turn the narrator off and let them read the text themselves to improve their reading skills. In addition to building reading skills, kids will learn an important message about healthy eating and, hopefully, begin to think that vegetables are delicious as candy or at least entertain the idea of idea vegetables once in a while.


As kids read through the story they get to interact with the characters and objects in the background. These objects are identified with small green dots and as kids tap on them they’re rewarded with fun animations. They also get to collect stars that are added up in the top left corner of the screen. While the number of stars kids collect doesn’t appear to earn kids anything, it does encourage them to keep interacting with the story.


Senda and the Glutton Dragon is comparable to many of the high-quality eBooks available for tablets and falls in the same price range as well. With the price, parents get a story that teaches a positive lessons and a highly interactive text that kids will enjoy adding to their bedtime story collection.

Child Friendliness

All of the content of the story is suitable for kids of young ages and they can certainly all benefit from the moral of the story and the encouragement to eat their vegetables. Information for parents is protected by a parental block most kids won’t find their away around.

Disney Princess Royal Salon

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Disney Royal Salon is the perfect app for the princess in your home who loves to play dress up. This app allows children to dress, style, and accessorize 4 of the Disney princesses as they prepare to go to a very special event. With tons of hairstyles, clothing, and accessories to choose from, this app will have kids playing for hours.

Features include:

  • 4 Disney princesses
  • A variety of hairstyles
  • A variety of accessories to use
  • Photo gallery


As would be expected, Disney creates wonderful high quality apps with great sound and graphics to match and Disney Princess Royal Salon is a great example of that. Not only is there fun music that coincides with the various movies each princess is from, but the graphics are superb. Many of the illustrations look as though they come directly from the movie. The user interface is also very simple to use and is fairly intuitive so children should have no problems moving through the app.


This app is not being reviewed for educational features.


Little girls that love playing dress up will fall in love with all of the wonderful options in this app. After selecting a princess (Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, or Ariel) and the special event she is attending, users are prompted to select a hairstyle and outfit. Once the outfit is selected they can change the color, select a pattern, or customize their own pattern by using the camera on the device they are using. Children will then finish the look by selecting various jewelry, necklaces, and purses. Once the look is complete they can take a photograph and include it in their photo gallery for later viewing.

With so many variations of ballgowns, prints, colors, and accessories, children can play this app over and over again and I am sure the little princess in your home will do just that!


Considering the high quality images, smooth interface, and the variety of accessories, this app does have a lot going for it. While the price may be a little high for some parents, it does provide a seemingly endless number of outfit combinations to keep children busy and the price is in line with many of the other Disney apps that are available.

Child Friendliness

Disney Princess Royal Salon is perfectly safe for children to use as there are no social media links included. The information tab includes advertisements and other apps, however it is protected. In order to access this area, parents must enter the numbers that are written out.

This app is also very easy to use. Children of all ages will have no problem selecting various clothing, hairstyles or accessories as they play. The only time they may need assistance is when using the camera function to customize a pattern or add their face to the the outside of the princess gallery.



Disney Princess: Story Theater is an interactive story book that allows children to select princess characters, scenes, and various props to create the perfect story for later viewing. With favorite princess characters like Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella, this app gives little ones an opportunity to put their own twist on traditional favorites by recording their own versions of classic princess scenes. Also included is a free play area that provides more freedom in creating any number of unique stories.

Features include:

  • 3 Princess characters to choose from
  • 9 Scenes, surprises, and props
  • Free play
  • Story saving option


Disney always does a great job with their apps and Disney Princess: Story Theater is just one example of the great quality they provide. Not only is the app full of wonderful graphics, delightful music, and scenes from various Disney Princess favorites, but the app is also extremely easy to use. The transitions to and from each page are seamless and the simple tap/touch maneuvering is great for young users.

The voice record feature is also very easy to use and it allows children to add their voice by narrating the story they are creating. They can use their imaginations to create whatever story they wish by using the scenes, characters, and props provided. Another great feature in this app is the text highlighting that is used as the story is created.


While Disney Princess: Story Theater is more of an entertainment and creativity app for children, it does offer a few educational components. As each story is being created, there are parts of the story that are set based on the scenes, surprises, and props that are chosen. As the narrator reads this part of the story the text is highlighted at the bottom of the screen offering an opportunity for children to follow along and practice their reading skills.

The “Guide” section of the application also provides interesting ways to incorporate more learning opportunities through interaction with children as they play. For instance, parents may choose to teach their children about the different parts of the story such as the character, plot, and setting and incorporate that into the app as they play.


The entertainment value of this app is wonderful as it allows children to try out different characters, scenes, and props to create fun stories. The “Story Play” portion of the app provides a more guided approach to creating a story. Children are guided to select a character, a scene, a surprise, as well as a prop that will help enhance their story. The voice record button appears after selecting each part of the story allowing children to add their own twist to the scene by recording their own narration. Once the story is complete it can be saved for later viewing.

The “Free Play” area has much of the same concept, however it is far less structured. Children select a backdrop for the story and then have an opportunity to add any variety of props, music, and other characters. They can also narrate their own story and save it as well. The two variations of creative play make this app very versatile and it will appeal to children that enjoy structured or free play.


When you take into consideration the high quality illustrations and graphics as well as the seemingly unlimited play that this app offers, the price is pretty good. This is one app that will have a lot of staying power and will continue to interest children with a love for all things “princess” as they play it over and over again. I think parents will also be pleasantly surprised at the story and prop options available.

Child Friendliness

As you might expect from Disney, this app is extremely easy to use. The main page provides links to the various play areas of the app as well as an information button and a button that provides access to other Disney apps. The information button is where the guide, settings, and parent info is located as well as an advertisement for another Disney app. While these components are not in the story portion of the app, they are some things to be aware of.

Besides the one advertisement and the other apps link, the rest of the app is completely safe to use. There are no social media links to worry about and with the easy to use interface, this app is good for young children as well.


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editor’s note: We found the iPhone / iPod version too small and so only recommend the iPad version.
Pearly will bring out your creative side in a simple, but unique iPad app that will appeal to boys and girls of any age.

Choose a design to start; designs include items such as an apple, fish, jelly fish, octopus, and butterfly to name a few, 12 in all to pick from. It was fun to see how creative the kids were with the designs. One of my testers used the butterfly to make a dog’s face.

Next, add the beads, 18 colored beads can be used to create unique and spectacular creations. Not only are the beads colorful, they are musical. While the kids work on their creations they can enjoy delightful background noises and music. Kids will get a kick out of feeding the frog prince beads and using the wicked witch’s wand to erase beads or to cast spells on the background animals.

When their creation is complete, use the frog’s iron to melt the beads in to something spectacular that can then be shared with family and friends by e-mail, saved to your device Photos directory or saved within the app.

This is a super kid-friendly app. It is easy and intuitive to use. One feature we look for in apps for kids is how safe they are and this app does not disappoint! The app does not contain in-app purchases, ads, social media or external links.

The app could use a little more polish to bring it into the 5-star bracket; such as the background image of the castle is too fuzzy, rather than looking soft it looks blurry. While the softness of the backgrounds work for others it felt off for this one. The characters also could use a little refining to make them blend better with the design. Over all the design of the app is nice; creating an enchanting environment for the kids to get creative.

Separate iPhone and iPad versions are available in iTunes. A lite version is also available for those that want to try before they buy.

Bottom line

Pearly provides many opportunities for creative entertainment. While some additional refinements are needed it is a good app at a reasonable price.

#1 most downloaded “kids games” in 4 countries.

#1 most downloaded “family games” in 4 countries.

Top 6 most downloaded “games” in 4 countries.

Top 10 most downloaded “all Apps” in 4 countries.

Choose a shape and let the magic of the pearls begin. Play by yourself or with your friends.

Beware of the hungry frog – it loooves pearls. Use the witch’s magic wand to make the pearls disappear.  Cast spells with the magic wand on the animals in the background and see what happens.

When you have finished creating a shape of your own, borrow the iron from the frog and make the shape come to life. There is plenty of space in the Princess World for all of your creations.

Show others what you’ve created! You can share your beautiful characters with your family and friends.

Pearly is a fun and friendly game for playful and creative kids. The game is free of speech and text, so children from all over the world and all ages can play all by themselves – without  help from Mom or Dad.

Regular Price: $1.99

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Any child, girl or boy, who loves the enchanting world of princesses, unicorns, fairies and rainbows, will adore the Princess and Pony – Puzzle Game for Girls. This jigsaw puzzle app contains 30 puzzles, puzzles with beautiful illustrations of princesses, fairies, unicorns, horses, rainbows and a handsome prince or two.

Each puzzle has three levels of difficulty; in the easy level the puzzle is broken into six pieces; normal, 12 pieces; and hard, 16 pieces. The precision, regardless of which level of difficulty, can be controlled in your device settings for this app.

Princess and Pony is a universal app that plays well even on the smaller screen of an iPod. The app interface is very easy to use. Beautiful music adds to the enchanting world of princesses and fairies. The music can be muted on the main screen of the app.

This app does contain a “more apps” button on the main screen which will take your child out of the app. This would be my only suggestion to the developer, please consider removing or protecting the button. The button’s current design, in the shape of a crown, is highly attractive to young users. Making this one change would increase the star rating of this app.

Additional jigsaw puzzles, by Rainbow Stories, are available in iTunes.

Bottom line

Princess and Pony – Puzzle Game for Girls is a fantastic app for any child who loves jigsaw puzzles and the enchanting world of princesses and unicorns.
We would like to introduce a recently published game for children: Princess and Pony – Puzzle Game for Girls. The game includes 30 wonderfully illustrated jigsaw puzzle games. This application has been especially tailored to meet the needs of the youngest children, aged from 2 to 9. The application makes it possible to begin playing with simple six-piece jigsaw puzzles and finish with complex sixteen-piece ones, all to the sounds of wonderfully composed and produced music.

You can set the game parameters to fit the present development stage of the child. Besides choosing the number of pieces the illustration will be cut into, there is also a possibility of smooth precision adjustment. Beginning with low precision setting, a child will be able to drop a piece of a jigsaw puzzle considerably away from its right place and it will be automatically adjusted to the correct position. At the high precision setting, a child will have to operate with a surgeon’s precision in order to fix the puzzle pieces in their places.

Regular Price: 0.99

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As much as I love a good Disney princess, there is something sweet and silly about Nosy Crow’s version of Cinderella. Prince Charming also departs from the perfect handsomeness of the Disney character and instead shows a freckle faced boy who’s into ping-pong and ice-cream parties.

Like their 3 Little Pigs app, Nosy Crow add a quirkiness to these familiar tales and infuses them with a solid dash of humor. Of course, the graphics and narration are superb – and the additional interactivity incorporates a game like element to the book. Want a straight up book, then use the read to me or read to myself mode.

Kids will especially love the Read and Play mode, where you get to help Cinderella clean up, help those dreaded Step-sisters and prepare for the ball. On each scene there are lots to see, explore and interact with – in fact you can swipe, shake, tilt, zoom and drag all sorts of things in this app.

Features include:

  • Read & Play Mode
  • Read To Me
  • Read To Myself
  • English or American spelling
  • Interactivity on each page.


A fabulous 5-star app – exactly what a interactive ebook should be.

Named one of the “10 Coolest Book Apps for Fall” — USA TODAY
“Appy Awards” Featured App
2011 Editor’s Choice Award – Children’s Technology Review
Recipient of Kirkus starred review

You know the fairytale. Now experience the magic! Created in HD especially for iPad.
Nosy Crow’s Cinderella app lets you play inside the story. Beautiful illustrations, exciting animation, and original music make this a picture book app at its best.

Designed for children ages 3 and up, but adults will love it, too.


“One of the most sophisticated book-apps yet for children – and a real sign of how picture books are evolving digitally.” — BBC Radio 6

“Nosy Crow’s rendition of Cinderella feels like a collection of playgrounds that let kids enjoy each of the story’s pivotal moments…”– iLounge (Rating: A)


★ Help Cinderella clean the kitchen.
★ Stack the King’s invitations to the ball.
★ Dress up the Stepsisters for the party.
★ Build the magical carriage with the Fairy Godmother.
★ Select the music for the Prince and Cinderella and watch them hit the dance floor! Do you want a waltz, disco or Bollywood?
★ You can even choose Cinderella’s dress!

With the front-facing camera on iPad2 you can even see yourself in the “magic mirrors” in many scenes in the story!


✓ Pick a reading mode: either Read to Me, Read by Myself or Read and Play.
✓ Choose how long text stays on the screen so beginning readers have enough time to read by themselves.
✓ Choose between American or British spelling styles.
✓ Help is embedded into the story. Characters offer hints about what to do on each page so even very young readers can participate fully.
✓ Tap the characters to trigger additional dialogue.

Available in the App Store

Thanks to Dented Pixel for this week’s giveaway, Princess Piano.

The free promo codes follow, but please don’t forget to use your promo code manners and leave a comment to let us know which promo code you used  and leave a star review too. Enjoy!


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Princess Piano has escaped a spell cast by an evil witch thanks to her magic ballet shoes. By learning to read and play music on the piano, you will help the princess dance her way back to the Cloud Kingdom to rescue her family!


Cinderella - Magic Ink Books - Magic Ink Books

Cinderella is beautifully retold in amazing “magic ink” making this a truly delightful ebook app. Previously, we reviewed The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Magic Ink Books – and loved that too.

What makes this version of Cinderella stand out is the “magic ink” technology. Pages in the book are in sepia tones and color – on the sepia toned pages wait until the narration is finished and then uncover the next scene by painting with your finger.

Like many eBook apps there are Read To Myself and Read to Me, in the preferences you can also choose from a male or female narrator.

Bottom-line: At the time of review this is a free app, but even as a paid app it would be well worth the download especially for those who love everything princess. Experience Cinderella in a way you have never experienced it before – through Magic Ink Booksâ„¢ beautiful rendition of this timeless classic.


    ✦ Use Magic Ink to to color in pages and reveal beautiful color illustrations
    ✦ Find the hidden magical carriage on every color page
    ✦ Read to Me: Choose a narrator (male or female) to read the book to you
    ✦ Read it Myself

Disney Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book

Disney Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker BookDisney Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book
4 star rated app by


If your girl loves princesses, then she is sure to love this princess app from Disney. Full of nearly all the Disney princesses, this app is part sticker book and part story book.

Each princess has a little story and a dress-up sticker page. You can also use your own photos for the face of the princess and send your princess creations via email.

Since it is a sticker book, I would have liked it to be easier to get to the sticker pages rather than go straight into the story. I also wish that the app was easier to navigate around and less focused on promoting other Disney apps.

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Grimm's Rapunzel - 3D Interactive Pop-up Book

Grimm's Rapunzel - 3D Interactive Pop-up BookGrimm’s Rapunzel – 3D Pop-up Book by Ideal Binary

Rating: 5 out of 5
Buy it? Yes
iPhone / iPod / iPad app: $3.99
iPad Only / HD app: n/a
Universal app : $3.99

Solar Walk 3D app

Why is this a best app for kids?
Grimm’s Rapunzel takes a classic story and turns it into a beautiful, interactive app while staying true to a vintage printed fairy tale.

This is a stunning interactive book that is beautifully illustrated in a pop-up style, with cute activities throughout. Unlike some other ebooks, you play activities as part of reading the book, which I feel makes it a lovely experience altogether but might frustrate some readers who just want to either read the book or play the games. Not every page in the book has a pop-up illustration and these pages, although beautifully styled, but might be too text heavy for some readers.

I love this book and I can defintiely see it appealing to girls ages 2 – 6 years old, although younger readers will probably need some help with the activities.

Read To Me
Read To Myself
Pop-up style illustration
Interactive activities accompany the story


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