Apps for Parents

Apps for busy parents, from budget and chore trackers to meal-time planners to apps that keep kids entertained on long drives.


ABA Preferences is a great tool to help teachers, parents, caregivers, and others who work with special needs individuals to understand their students’ and clients’ preferences. This information can be ...

Keep your home clean and organized with this simple to use chore app. Homey is great organizational tool for families!
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The roles of motherhood has been redefined throughout the course of history but one thing has remained constant: moms are busy people. If you have a career outside of the ...

Andy Helps You Read Offers a thorough and thoughtful approach to reading instruction for kids with special needs.

Autism Core Skills is an outstanding app that provides a wealth of effective, targeted, scaffolded practice for students with autism working to master Common Core skills at the preschool through ...
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Tints: Dyslexia Friendly Reading offers an outstanding method to experiment with colored backgrounds and changes to contrast between background and text that may be beneficial to struggling readers.
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Kids Sound Lab Pro is a great app for providing practice with English consonant sounds. It provides a lot of visual and auditory cues to help students master the material.

Keep children and teens safe by tracking their location and cell phone use with FamilyTime.

Encourage kids to solve basic math problems by rewarding them with apps. The more problems answered, the more apps they earn.

Autism Discovery Tool offers a wealth of insights and tips that will be useful to people who interact with others who have sensory processing problems or are on the autism ...
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Smart Spark-Ignite Your Child’s Learning Potential will help most families and even some teachers to analyze their child’s and their own learning style and to better understand how to best ...

Allow toddlers and preschoolers to view photos on your devices without worrying about them being deleted.

Learn how to relax and find some daily peace with a large collection of topical meditations.

Encourage your toddler to go potty by watching a bunch of cute animals head to their own potties.

Unique motivational app allows parents to assign kids tasks and reward them for positive behaviors.
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Social Stories Creator and Library for Preschool, Autism and Special Needs is a great tool for designing your own social stories for learners of any age group, ability level, or ...
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MARTi is an innovative and outstanding tool that will improve quality of life for individuals struggling with learning problems, dementia, cognitive challenges, autism, traumatic brain injury and many other conditions ...

NetKids Digital Entertainment Network lets kids experience unlimited content from many of their favorite characters - for a small monthly fee.

Summer is here and that means it’s time for family road trips! We have put together a list of apps that will help keep kids engaged and entertained on long ...

Discover fun and educational activities to enjoy with your child based on his or her current levels in six key areas.
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Voice Dream Reader will open the doors of reading to many people struggling due to vision problems, dyslexia or other literacy issues.

Peppa Pig suggests fun activities to help pull kids away from their devices and build key developmental skills.

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math is an outstanding reference tool offering searchable video tutorials on math concepts ranging from pre-algebra through algebra II.

Harried parents will love this instant kid-occupying app for iPhone and iPad that puts child-friendly video shorts into children’s hands.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf VL2 Storybook offers the well-known children’s tale in text and sign language formats with several options for combining sign with text.

Check out our new round up of Chore & Behavior Apps for Kids 2015 It’s a new year and a great time for parents to focus on creating good habits for ...

[two_third] Welcome to another fabulous Free App Friday! We’ll update the post throughout the day, so don’t forget to come back – some apps stay free all weekend. So go ...

Welcome to another fabulous Free App Friday!

Summer is here and you know what that means, it’s time for fun family road trips! We have put together a list of apps that will help keep kids engaged ...

Here are the New & Noteworthy kids apps for this last week of April – straight from the App Store. The App Store isn’t always right in its recommendations, but ...

There is so much to love about this fantastic app that it is likely appeal to the whole family.

KidsCraft is a bright and cheery collection of entertaining, educational craft ideas. The projects could keep most children occupied for hours.

Timeline Battle Castles is a highly interactive reference app featuring history of more than 500 years of castles, battles and life during medieval times.

Everything you could possibly want to know, and more, about robots from around the world. Whether or not you are into robots, you’ll find this app fascinating.

This high quality app not only combines two traditional board games, checkers and chess, but throws in an unexpected element of fun by adding dice. Previous knowledge of checkers or ...

Hide n See is a FREE universal app with endless possibilities.

Ocean Adventures is a great addition to the already entertaining iLearn With educational series of apps and it is free to download; additional content is available through an in-app purchase.

Yumby Toss is a universal game sure to entertain the whole family. Be aware of multiple in-app purchases for additional coins that could end up being very expensive.

iSpotPro TE is a family-friendly spot the difference iPad app, while it could use a few improvements; it is still entertaining for the entire family.

Brain Bot Jr is a good way to have fun while improving various mental skills.


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