eBooks with Coloring Pages

Kids love coloring. That’s why we reviewed and recommended the best eBooks with Coloring Pages. Hopefully your kids can have hours of fun coloring these fabulous while hogging your iPad and iPhone.

Inspire kids to cherish the world they live in by reading and interacting with Care for Our World, a beautiful narrated ebook for kids.

Time For Bed Little Ted is a soothing storybook app that is sure to help children wind down before bed. With a cute story and fun activities to enjoy, this ...

Mr. Glue Stories puts a unique spin on the traditional storybook app by allowing readers to customize each story with their own sound effects, characters, narration, and illustrations to be ...

Jack and the Beanstalk is a cute storybook app with a coloring twist where children can read, color, and enjoy this classic story in a unique way.

Award-winning kids picture ebooks for iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Computer and Mac. Best Apps for Kids Lists: Animated eBooks, eBooks with Coloring Pages, eBooks with Games, eBooks with Record Your Voice, Read to Me ...

Wubbzy Loves You is a fantastic Valentine's Day themed app that offers a lovely story and lots of extra activities to keep children engaged for hours.

Biscuit's Valentine's Day is a fantastic story book app with loads of extra activities that children of all ages will be able to enjoy for hours.

Butterfly Kisses by Cathy Lane is a warm and snuggly story that is perfect for bedtime, but that has enough extra activities to make it fun for kids at any ...

This app puts a fun Wubbzy twist on a classic Christmas story with tons of additional activities including puzzles, music, and coloring pages. An awesome app with lots to do.

Messy Mia and the Tale of the Ancient Tech shows young children how technology has changed between the time their parents were young and the present day.

Kids learn colors through a cute interactive story, fun color games, and an animated drawing activity.

Stella and the Space Bears is about a girl who has the desire to travel into space.

Meet the Meerkat family and get to know them as you play through a variety of simple games and solve fun puzzles.

Budding fashionistas everywhere will appreciate this fashionable interactive eBook that encourages them to create a style all of their own.

A cute autumn themed app that includes lots of activities for children to complete for a great price.

Spatter & Spark Pro is a creative educational app with tons of activities and interactive components that will keep children engaged and entertained for hours.

PaddleDuck Color and Story is an easy to use app with a cute story that allows children to practice and learn their colors. Great for toddlers and pre-school age children.

This beautifully illustrated app takes you on an exciting adventure - the Critter’s family road trip! You’ll run into problems along the way, so you’ll need your thinking cap on ...

Join Weenie Dog & Mustard as they learn an important lesson in friendship. A great story and important book app features are included in this app.

House that Jack Built is still the traditional nursery rhyme that many of us remember, but it can now be experienced in a new way. This e-book includes multilingual options ...

Brave Storybook Deluxe features stunning graphics and animation, captivating narration, and entertaining interactive activities that will make you want to explore this book again and again!

Timmy Tickle is a lot of fun packed into a simple and easy to use app; most importantly, it is absolutely delightful!

“The Jungle Book” comes to life in this interactive eBook that features vibrant graphics, painting, puzzles, and more!

Join Miss Spider as she works to host a tea party for her friends in this interactive version of David Kirk's children's book.

Perky Pranksters: Have Fun in the Country contains six games and an e-book that is entertaining, yet will teach young readers about life on the farm.

Biscuit’s Birthday is a delightful storybook that contains additional entertainment and loads of features all in one app at a great price.

Sam and Ben is a thoughtfully designed and intelligently written eBook app designed to encourage children to celebrate their differences and find a common ground.

Beautiful and enchanting, Thumbelina Interactive Book, will entertain your child for hours.

Picture Book Pansjo - Tummy is a cute and enjoyable storybook for younger children.

This vivid app for iPad combines a thoughtful eBook story, challenging games and interactive educational activities to engage young learners for the long haul.
Wolfie By ianka fleerackers

Wolfie is a wonderful interactive story that inspires the scientist in kids through playing and reading.

After over a 1000 votes were cast, we finally have a winner for the Reader's Choice Best of the Best Toddler App and that app is..... One Rainy Day by ...
One Pizza, One Penny ebook By AppleTree

There are many, many – and I will say it again – many eBooks for kids in the app store. Most of these ebooks are standalone apps, but today I ...
Best of the Best eBooks for Kids

18 kids ebooks were nominated, which will be the "Best of the Best" ebook for kids?
Flick The Little Fire Engine

Flick The Little Fire Engine is a beautifully illustrated, wonderfully narrated, interactive ebook that is a welcome addition to your preschoolers digital library.

What I like about this ebook for kids is that although it is quite expensive at $7.99, you get more than just an ebook with coloring pages, puzzles and other ...