Writing Apps for Kids

Here’s a list of great writing apps that help children along every step of the writing process.


The Word Creativity Kit provides a unique system to explore the interplay between text and visual design that will stimulate artistic creativity as well as creative writing and self-expression.
education apps

Moms and teachers have voted. Here’s our list of the Best Educational Apps for Kids. Perfect for keeping children mentally active these apps compliment all that hard work in the ...

Train Your Hand is a great early learning app that provides players with practice at tracing various lines and shapes to prep them for writing. Great for young children and ...

Unique descriptions help kids learn new ways to make their letters.

The Word Creativity Kit provides a unique system to explore the interplay between text and visual design that will stimulate creativity as well as creative writing.
Free App Friday

Welcome to 1st Free App Friday post of May. Most apps are listed on our sister site, FreeAppFriday.com. If we’ve reviewed and recommend the app we list it below. Enjoy!   ...

The Right Word offers several types and levels of practice with a huge list of word pairs and groups that many people find confusing. It includes a handy reference tool, ...

Gappy Learns Writing is a high quality app for early learners to practice writing and tracing their letters and have fun while they learn.

Whether using their fingers or a stylus, kids can learn to write by tracing letters, numbers, words, and even their own names.

Exotic Pet Puzzler is a creative educational app that will teach children how to write their letters, work on their alphabet, and spell through a variety of fun activities.

[two_third] Welcome to another fabulous Free App Friday! We’ll update the post throughout the day, so don’t forget to come back – some apps stay free all weekend. So go ...

Welcome to another fabulous Free App Friday!

Write About This is an outstanding app for teaching and practicing writing skills. It’s great for a very wide range of ages and abilities, and will provide hours and hours ...

Pocket Phonics offers practical, effective practice with letter sounds and with blending sounds into words. It is a fine tool for teaching beginning reading students.

Storybook Maker is an app with endless possibilities, a great price, and tons of content and features.

Learn to identify and write letters of the alphabet through numerous fun activities.

More than just letter tracing, Writing Magic Letters, requires children to use their problem solving skills during the game portion of the app. App includes only lower case letters.

Little Writer is a fun and positive way to help younger children learn and understand correct letter, number, and basic shape formations.

This is an app that provides kids & adults with powerful tools for serious book creation, and does it very nicely. The productivity is well worth the $3.99 cost.

LetterSchool is a universal app designed for teaching young children the proper handwriting technique in a fun, non-traditional way. This app works very well on either device.
Shake-a-Phrase app

Shake-a-Phrase is a best app because it gives children inspiration to start writing, plus quizzes them on verbs, nouns and adjectives.
montessori crosswords app

A huge thanks to Pierre from L'Escapadou for giving us promo codes to the wonderful app Montessori Crosswords.
Alphabytes App By WFH Interactive

This is a best app for kids because it teaches toddlers, preschoolers - and even some kindergartners about the alphabet by tracing, interacting and playing with letters and words.
Dr Seuss eBook reading apps for kids

Fantastic ebooks that really capture the spirit of Dr. Seuss
Super Why iPhone / iPad app

With 4 different games within the app, kids everything from tracing letters to picking the best word to finish a sentence from popular kids stories...
iWriteWords iPhone iPad App for Kids

The iWriteWords iPhone / iPad app helps kids learn and write the alphabet, numbers and words. The lite version is definitely worth checking out first - and may even be ...