Never forget your homework with this list of homework apps. Some apps will help your kids add, view and complete their homework the easy way, while others focus on homework reminders and help tools for kids.


MATHdoozy comes with some technical difficulties, but has the ability to offer real-time math help to students.
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High school apps are designed to help students get through the tough classes and get ready for college. Here are some of the best reviewed and recommended apps for high ...

A unique flashcard and games platform makes Bitsboard PRO the ideal app for learning just about anything.
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The free version of Mathway provides students with ready answers to math and chemistry problems at nearly any level. A subscription must be purchased to access step-by-step solutions that some ...
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High school is hard enough without the added strain of not having the right tools at your disposal. Imagine going through calculus without a textbook! You can ease the stress ...
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It’s hard to differentiate between so-so apps that work, yet don’t fill every need, from the indispensable apps you know you can’t live without. We’ve done the work for you ...

Encourage kids to solve basic math problems by rewarding them with apps. The more problems answered, the more apps they earn.

Top Educational Apps for Back to School   We’ve scoured the App Store to find the top educational apps for kids. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just ...

Sometimes finding apps that meet your student’s learning challenges can be nearly as difficult as school, but these app developers have really come through for students, parents and teachers.  This ...

In high school, students are getting down to business, and they need apps that will support their learning.  Bells and whistles of entertaining educational games often (but not always!) give ...
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Our reviewed and recommended apps for 8th grade offer review of middle school science concepts, inspire kids to start writing as well as quiz them on verbs, nouns and adjectives, ...
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Quizlet is a great tool for older students to use for memorizing and studying rote information from their own flashcards, their teacher’s sets, or even sets of flashcards created by ...
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Khan Academy’s app provides a comprehensive library of topics and skills that support Common Core goals. It includes a wealth of information particularly on middle school and high school classes, ...
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MyScript Calculator is a powerful scientific calculator that has the advantage of accepting hand-written input on the device’s screen. It simplifies entry of complex equations and has a number of ...
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Homework List is a handy tool that will help students get organized with school assignments and stay that way with minimal effort. The fact that it is digital should be ...
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Moms and teachers have voted. Here’s our list of the Best Educational Apps for Kids. Perfect for keeping children mentally active these apps compliment all that hard work in the ...

Replace the heavy books with Waterford Learning's app full of digital stories, educational songs, and fun math review games.

Kids hop on a fish and answer math questions to be the first to beat their friends or the computer across the lake in this simple, but entertaining math game.

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math is an outstanding reference tool offering searchable video tutorials on math concepts ranging from pre-algebra through algebra II.

Word Wonderland Primary is one of the best games I’ve seen to help young children practice basic phonics skills. Children from 4 to 8 years of age will love it!

BuzzMath for Middle School is a comprehensive and functional middle school math practice tool. It will provide hours of productive practice to build vital math skills.

Mathemagics Easy Algebra Fast is an excellent app for teaching & practicing algebra skills.

PowerSchool Parent is part of the suite of products by Pearson School Systems.
Spalsh Math 3rd Grade

A huge congratulations to Study Pad, Inc for being the Best of the Best Math App for Elementary School for their Splash Math app. 677 votes were cast with Splash ...
iLiveMath Trains & iLiveMath Entomology

This an excellent math app that combines word math problems with fun subjects like animals, bug, trains - and it's also this weeks giveaway!
Shake-a-Phrase app

Shake-a-Phrase is a best app because it gives children inspiration to start writing, plus quizzes them on verbs, nouns and adjectives.
Kiwi and Pear World Adventure iPod / iPhone app

With adorable illustrations by Joyce Wan, good narration and bouncy music, you've got a must have app that introduces preschoolers to geography.

Alien Math is a great little math app and very basic for preschoolers through 1st graders, or anyone who struggles with speed math.
iWriteWords iPhone iPad App for Kids

The iWriteWords iPhone / iPad app helps kids learn and write the alphabet, numbers and words. The lite version is definitely worth checking out first - and may even be ...
brainPOP iphone / ipad app for kids

With Brain Pop you learn something new everyday - whether it's about the solar system, DNA or equal rights. Each topic starts with a fun animated video that is basically ...
Learn Time iPhone / iPad app

This iphone app goes beyond the simple "learn to tell time" app. I downloaded this app when my 2nd grader was learning to tell time in a more advanced way. ...
Basic Math Deluxe App for the iPhone

This is a great iPhone / iPad math app for kids who are ready to move beyond cute counting games - and really helps you focus on speed as well ...


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