Civics Apps

Here’s a list of the best apps and games for U.S. History and Civics. The best Civics & Government apps have been handpicked and individually reviewed by our moms and teachers.

7th grade apps

The seventh grade year is often a year of big changes-changing classes, new teachers, and higher educational expectations.  It’s also time to begin planning ahead for high school challenges.  These ...
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Khan Academy’s app provides a comprehensive library of topics and skills that support Common Core goals. It includes a wealth of information particularly on middle school and high school classes, ...
education apps

Moms and teachers have voted. Here’s our list of the Best Educational Apps for Kids. Perfect for keeping children mentally active these apps compliment all that hard work in the ...

JFK Challenge is a wonderful and well-designed app that may spark a life-long love of history in children. It also is a great source of information about two very important ...
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Reviewed and recommended, these apps are a fun way for kids to learn about our American presidents anytime of year.

U.S. Geography with Flat Stanley HD provides a fun way to learn United States geography and basic information about the states.

USA-Illustrated Atlas is a fun memory challenge focused on facts about the United States. It includes five reference maps and four games to help commit the information to memory.

Mysterious money app sends kids on a mission to keep coins safe while teaching them how to count, add, and subtract coins. They'll also learn a bit about U.S. History ...

Presidents Challenge is a fun and diverting way to memorize the names of the presidents of the United States in order. Users can choose to tackle specific eras or the ...

Users of all ages will appreciate learning American history with the Disney American Presidents app.

No need to wait for President’s Day to enjoy these apps, kids love learning about our American presidents anytime of year. We have a little something for everyone. Have fun! ...

Presidents vs. Aliens is a great app for learning all sorts of facts about our American presidents. Learn the facts while protecting the planet from an alien invasion in this ...
Timeline Civil War

Timeline Civil War is a highly interactive tool for those wanting to learn about an important time in American history.

This week we have a strong showing of educational apps as well as a couple of Art, Music & Creativity apps.

Timeline Battle Castles is a highly interactive reference app featuring history of more than 500 years of castles, battles and life during medieval times.

For some of us Presidents Day is just another random vacation / shopping day. But that could also be that I’m not American – so what better way to brush ...
What is my job for iPad App By PAKA

What's My Job is a best app because it teaches young kids about people and what they do in a bright and colorful way.

Hello…and happy Thanksgiving holidays to all!. Here are a few Thanksgiving apps for kids that are popular right now. I couldn’t resist Cookie Doodle – the other Thanksgiving apps have ...
brainPOP iphone / ipad app for kids

With Brain Pop you learn something new everyday - whether it's about the solar system, DNA or equal rights. Each topic starts with a fun animated video that is basically ...