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Build Awareness for Your Children’s App. Get A Professional Review

Driving downloads and sale of children’s apps is hard. There are some things you can do to build demand yourself. For example, we’d suggest make sure you have positive reviews in AppStore, approach bloggers who blog about apps for kids (hint hint), pitch media outlets who care about technology for kids, join forums and groups for moms and parenting, blog yourself and try guest posting.

Here’s the truth. Getting reviews for your kids-focused app is hard. Parents don’t have the time, energy or inclination to write reviews of children’s apps. That’s where we come in. Influencers like BestAppsforKids can help you get your app in front of busy parents and educators and while we aren’t the world’s biggest website, we do have hundreds of thousands of readers and have the power to influence the buying and engagement decisions of parents who rely on us to provide accurate, detailed and unbiased reviews of the best apps kids can get.

We have become a resource for parents looking for awesome children’s apps and a review from one of our experts educators or real moms means something to other parents.

Get A Priority Review

So why we charge for reviews? Simple. We get over 100 apps submitted to us every month for a free review and we choose to review only a handful that we think are the best. Even then, it often takes 12-24 weeks from submission to get those reviews live. Our reviewers are paid for every review they do whether free or paid, so Priority Reviews are also a way for us to pay our reviewers a fair amount for their hard work.

So what is a Priority Review? A Priority Review is simply a way to get you to the front of the line. Priority Reviews are reviewed within 7 days and go live quickly and efficiently. They also get built-in promotion at least once on our social channels so they are great value from a marketing perspective too.

The Priority Review service does not guarantee a positive review or that your app will be featured on the site. The Priority Review service just ensures that your app is at the top of our list of apps to review and will be reviewed in 7 days from payment. You will receive a full refund for apps we do not consider a “best app for kids”. We’re serious about our editorial so if we don’t like your app we just give you your money back.

NEW. Ultimate App Promotion Package

In addition to our Priority Review service we recently added a Ultimate Promotion Add-On. This was designed for smaller developers who wanted a simple, easy and affordable way to really drive awareness of their app without having to commit to long term and expensive advertising deals. Just pick the promotion options you like when submitting your app. It is really simple.

– Social Promo. BestAppsforKids will promote your app on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest over the course of an entire month, posting as many as ten times. We will even pay Facebook to “boost” your post to get it in front of a larger audience of parents and educators.

– Email Newsletter. We have a rapidly growing and popular email newsletter that is sent twice a week to over 8,000 parents. We include your app in that email with an image, blurb and link to download your app from the app store. This is one of our most popular advertising options and it is bundled for dirt cheap here.

– Sponsored Post. In addition to a review we have some cool ways to promote your company and app by creating a sponsored post. This is a great opportunity for you to give parents advice, tell them a little bit about your company and even use it as a chance to run a with promo code campaign to drive downloads.


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Note. Kids App Review Guidelines

    • ONLY THE BEST APPS – We do not publish reviews for apps we do not recommend and get less than a 4 star rating
    • NO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR KIDS – We do not publish reviews where social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) is easily accessible to children under 12 years old (for example, on the home screen or within regular game play of the app.)
    • NO ADS – We do not review apps with ads, except when you are promoting your own apps in a way that is targeted to parents and not in regular game play. Over promoting your other apps may reduce your rating.
    • BE CAREFUL WITH IN-APP PURCHASES AND LINKS – Special attention is paid to in-app purchases, and external links, including these may reduce your app rating.