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Discolor Rebounder is a free game app that offers an appealing activity in the style of some of the older, simpler video games such as “Pong” and “Brick.” Developers have combined some of the most challenging aspects of those games into a new and interesting activity that is worth a look.

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Discolor Rebounder is a Pong-styled game of coordination and skill that takes a bit of practice to master. Players must simultaneously move a large ball to intercept a smaller, faster ball and keep it bouncing. The problem comes in when the small ball bounces off of colored balls at the top of the screen. It changes color, and the large ball must match the color when they collide to keep the game going.

Features include:

  • Simple, easy-to-learn game rules
  • Challenging coordination problems
  • Optional use of two hands
  • Promotes motor planning
  • Improves spatial reasoning


This high-quality app works without a hitch. The game is highly responsive, and has multiple levels of play that become progressively more difficult. The physics engine allows the ball to rebound very realistically, enabling players to plan complex bank shots. Developers included a simple set of directions accessible from the opening screen.


This game is not really intended to be educational, but players will learn and practice important, fundamental skills. In the world of education, using two hands at the same time to do different things is a foundational skill that promotes and strengthens neurological development.  The game also invokes motor planning, which is critical for so many other physical skills, as well as helping players develop a clear understanding of cause/effect and prediction.


Discolor Rebounder is a simple game, but many players will find it to be addictive. There’s a strong inclination to play “just one more round” to improve the highest score.  The game also optionally connects to the Game Center to open up competitive play and achievement awards.  It’s fun, and just different enough from previous games to be familiar, yet interesting.


The game is free on the App Store, making it an excellent value. It’s nice to have an engaging, simple game that does not glorify violence, so I recommend you check this one out.

Child Friendliness

Discolor Rebounder is not particularly child-friendly, so I do not recommend it for children under twelve or so.  There are lots of outside advertisements, both during and between games, and unprotected access to the internet. The game also connects to the Game Center, which is nice for more mature players, but could be objectionable to the parents of younger players.

  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES outside advertisements 
  • YES Game Center enabled

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