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A series of unique spelling activities that naturally progress in difficulty will help kids build basic spelling skills in Trilo Spelling.

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Trilo Spelling is a phonics app designed to help kids improve their knowledge of letter sounds and learn how to spell common words. This is done through a series of simple activities that have kids spell words and identify pictures related to the words they hear. Along the way, they collect puzzle pieces and receive positive reinforcement from the characters in the app. With multiple levels of play and a variety of activities, Trilo Spelling is a quality app that can help children improve their spelling skills.

Features include:

  • Multiple levels
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Puzzle pieces to collect
  • Individual letter sounds


In general, the app features quality graphics, sounds, and animations. The background, which features a series of mountains, can seem a bit busy at times, especially when kids must create words on top of it. If you accidentally turn of the sound in the info area, you may also have to restart the app to get it to turn back on. Other than that, the app responds well to kids’ actions and features the bright colors and fun sounds that kids enjoy.


Included in the app are five different levels of play. Parents will find a detailed explanation of levels in the info section. The levels focus on topics such as short vowel sounds with CVC words, initial and final consonant digraphs, the floss rule, intial blends, and final blends. All of the levels build on one another and are designed to help kids build their skills gradually.

Each level has kids rotate through a series of phonics activities. Some activities have kids look at a picture and/or listen to a word that they must then spell. Other activities have kids listen to a word and then choose the picture that fits the words. Even activities that are generally the same are presented in multiple formats to help kids stay focused.


As kids complete the levels, the characters in the app pop out to provide them with positive reinforcement. This includes phrases such as “that’s the spirit” or “wow.” Some of the activities are also timed to make them more exciting for kids. For example, kids must spell a word before the plane drags a picture related to the word off the screen. Completing words helps kids earn fuel for their plane which they can use to explore the island. They also collect puzzle pieces.


This app is priced somewhat higher than many of its counterparts. However, it comes with five different levels of practice, with multiple practice activities at each level. The app was also developed by teachers and uses tried-and-true techniques to help kids build their phonics skills.

Child Friendliness

The app is free from social media, external links, ads, and in-app purchases. There is not a protected parent area, however, parents can read through the info screen (accessible through a small icon on the bottom of the main screen) to learn more about the design of the app and the different levels it contains.

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A series of unique spelling activities that naturally progress in difficulty will help kids build basic spelling skills in Trilo Spelling.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars