LetterSchool Cursive Writing

LetterSchool Cursive Writing

Child Friendly
LetterSchool Cursive Writing teaches kids to write in cursive through fun animations and repeated practice opportunities.

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AppStore User Rating: 2
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Teaching kids to write in cursive may seem like a lost art, but it’s alive and well in LetterSchool Cursive Writing. This interactive app is designed to teach kids to write their uppercase and lowercase letters in cursive. Through the app, kids can practice writing each letter individually until they get it right. With two levels of play and multiple activities designed to have kids write their letters (and numbers) over and over again, there’s no doubt kids will have their cursive letters down pat after they make their way through this app.

Features include:

  • Two levels of play
  • Practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Practice writing numbers
  • Two cursive fonts


This app is well-organized. On the main screen, kids see a list of letters in either uppercase or lowercase. They can also opt to practice numbers. A small settings icon allows kids to change the user (the app supports up to three different users) and select the type of font they want to use. An information button directs parents to LetterSchool’s website where they can find answers to frequently asked questions about the app. When it comes to writing in cursive, the app is responsive as kids go through a series of progressive tracing activities for each letter. Rather than providing direct instruction, the app uses small arrows and other subtle clues to help kids figure out what they need to do. It is a bit of a stickler for accuracy, but it will serve kids well in the long run.


In the parent info section, developers give some insight into why they developed the app to focus on individual letters. Rather than overwhelming kids with lots of games and words, developers desired to keep the app simple. At each level, kids are given three different opportunities to trace each letter and number. Uppercase and lowercase letters are covered separately. Both of the levels are fairly similar. This helps ensure that kids truly do master the shape of each letter before they move on to stringing letters together to write words in cursive.


The entertainment factor of the game is enhanced by the cute animations that appear as kids write the letters. Sometimes a letter is covered in grass and a little lawnmower follows the lines of the letter as it mows the grass down. Other times a track is formed as kids trace a letter, and a train chugs along the track once the letter has been correctly formed. There are a host of other little animations that help keep the tracing activities interesting for kids.


Given that the app is limited to writing individual letters and numbers and that many of the activities involve the same repetitive tracing, it is a bit overpriced. While it makes sense that developers want kids to focus on individual letters, the app would have more value if it included a third level that allowed kids to write basic words in cursive.

Child Friendliness

A parental lock keeps kids from accessing the LetterSchool website, as well well as social media links and information about additional apps. Kids can access the settings screen which allows them to switch users and reset scores, which is only problematic if you have multiple kids using the app on the same device.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

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