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  • Domi Domi Nature Shapes
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  • Last modified: July 21, 2017
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Review Summary:

Domi Domi Nature Shapes is a high-quality, fun app that young children will enjoy as they practice matching by shape and color, sorting by size and type, using fine motor skills, and much more.

App Info

Price: $2.99
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Domi Domi Nature Shapes helps toddlers and preschoolers learn to match shapes and colors as well as categorize shapes using fun bugs, fish and birds in color settings. Playing the game will also help young children develop fine motor skills, the ability to focus on desired items in a busy visual field and other foundational skills that are important for later academic and life success.

Features include:

  • 20 activities that change each time they are used
  • Bright, engaging animations and backgrounds
  • Soothing game play
  • Fun creatures from forest and sea
  • Parental control over music and other background aspects of the game


Domi Domi Nature Shapes is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The app is of very high quality, easy to use and enjoy, and with intuitive controls. It is completely nonverbal, so it is perfect even for the very young. Eye-catching animations will guide young users into knowing exactly what to do to be successful. Developers included a protected parents’ section where adults can learn about the benefits of the app, as well as get instructions about changes to the device settings that will make it easier for youngsters to use effectively. Parents will want to go over these instructions before giving the game to the little ones-following them will prevent youngsters from getting frustrated or accidentally dropping out of the app. It’s also nice to know that the app can be reset from the Parents’ Section at any time, so the play value is increased.


Domi Domi Nature Shapes is very educational. It is designed to help toddlers and preschoolers master the skills of matching by shape, size, and/or color, sorting/classifying, using fine motor skills and more. Children who play will also be practicing focusing their attention, picking out relevant items from a busy background (figure-ground skills), and attention to detail. All of these readiness skills will help young children get ready for more complex tasks as they prepare to enter school.


This app is engaging on many levels. The illustrations are brightly-colored and interesting, the animations are fun to watch, and the tasks are challenging, yet appropriate for the very young. Background music is bouncy and upbeat, yet not so stimulating that kids will want to stop and “dance.” Plus, parents can turn the music on or off as desired. The characters are realistic in their shapes, yet easy to match. The app shows pictures of birds, bugs and fish for the various activities. Matching exercises require kids to match the shapes of the creatures to their shadow outlines. Sorting exercises involve putting groups of like creatures together. All in all, it’s simple, yet a lot of fun. The sound effects and animations that reward correct responses are cute, yet not overwhelming.


This app is a fine value at $2.99 in the App Store. There is a lot of play value here for young children, plus parents can reset the app back to its original state and kids can “start over” whenever you wish. This one is likely to be a favorite for as long as your child finds these types of readiness activities interesting.

Child Friendliness

Domi Domi Nature Shapes is very child-friendly. Be sure to visit the protected Parents’ Section to learn about changes that you should make in the Settings of your device to make it as child-friendly as possible.

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Domi Domi Nature Shapes is a high-quality, fun app that young children will enjoy as they practice matching by shape and color, sorting by size and type, using fine motor skills, and much more.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars