Blue Bird Academy

Child Friendly
Blue Bird Academy is an early learning app that provides little ones with an engaging way to learn the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and other objects. Simple, educational, and easy to use.

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Price: $2.99
AppStore User Rating: 5
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Blue Bird Academy is an easy to use early learning app that aids children in learning the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and other objects to prep them for school. This app offers simple music and an engaging playing area that is safe for children of all ages to use.

Features include:

  • 5 Language options
  • 4 Learning activities
  • Easy to use


Blue Bird Academy is a simple to use early learning app that is perfect for young children of all ages. The developers have done a great job keeping the app easy to use as it offers simple swipe functioning for children to uncover the the pictures for each learning activity. The background music and narration used throughout also adds to the overall quality of the app making it engaging without being overwhelming for kids.


This app is really designed to give children a fun way to learn skills and concepts they will use once they enter school. With four activities including the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and objects/concepts, players have lots of material to learn within the app. The concept is quite simple for children of all ages to use which is great. As players enter the app they can select an activity/subject area and within the activity they swipe the screen in order to see the image beneath. This app also includes narration which adds an additional auditory element to the learning process which is great.

One thing that would take the educational value to the next level in this app would be to add an option to show the word at the bottom of each image to add a visual learning component. This would allow older children to get some practice with word recognition prior to entering Kindergarten and would a bit more educational value to the app as well.


While this app is more specifically an educational app, it doesn’t have much of entertainment component other than the additional images section that are a bit more vibrant in color. It would be nice to have some simple animation or a game activity that children can enjoy in addition to the educational material.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is priced well for what you get. With 5 different languages included along with 4 learning activities and the easy to use interface, parents will appreciate the value they are getting in this app without a hefty price.

Child Friendliness

Parents will also be happy to know that this app is easy to use for children of all ages and is also very safe. All parent gateways are completely protected so children won’t be getting into any areas they shouldn’t. There are also no ads or other links to distract little ones from the activities included. Overall , very child friendly app.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads

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