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Bloom by Megalearn is a fun and entertaining way to learn about some important aspects of biology and plant life cycles, and activates some important higher-learning skills such as generalization and finding similarities and differences.

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Bloom by Megalearn offers young children an interactive, animated look at how three types of plants reproduce and live their life cycles. Players choose the type of plant to explore, see how it grows and blooms, how the seeds form, how they spread from one area to another, and how new plants begin the cycle once more.

Features include:

  • Three types of plants to explore
  • Simple quizzes to test knowledge
  • Gorgeous artwork
  • Several types of interactive animations
  • Soothing background music


Bloom by Megalearn is a very high quality app. Developers did a great job of creating an engaging look at some basic facts of biology suitable for younger elementary children. The interface is simple and intuitive on each interaction, and the quizzes are self-correcting so there is no frustration. Every aspect of this app is perfect for the target age group.


This app will truly speak to young elementary students by satisfying their curiosity at the same time as it engages them through varied by appropriate interactions on the screens. The focus of the app is on how plants spread their seeds. It uses three example plants: coconuts, dandelions, and raspberries to show how water, wind, and animals can help seeds to travel. Along the way, players get to help the process of growth and dispersion along by making the wind blow, the sun shine, and rain to fall from the clouds. At one point, they even control the movements of animals. The interactions are different, ranging from jiggling items to tap, horizontal sliders to move, and vertical sliders to manipulate. Some items are draggable, and others move by themselves. Each scene has something to explore, and most have multiple interactions.

The science being presented is perfect for the age group, as well. Young elementary students enjoy science that satisfies their hunger for learning with practical information about the world around them. The hands-on and interactive nature of this app are really good vehicles for this type of learning.


Bloom is an entertaining app. It almost grabs participants and drags them along on the journeys that the plants and seeds take because of its interactive nature. Each of the three plant sequences is different enough that they will hold children’s interest, yet similar enough that they will be able to see important commonalities and make generalizations.


At $4.99, this app is somewhat pricy, though. Most children will not return to it again and again as a favorite, because there will be no new surprises or information waiting for them. It takes about five or ten minutes to go all the way through the app’s content, and the interactions, while engaging, are not fun enough to bring children back again and again on their own. In other words, it’s a very high-quality app, but is likely to have little staying power in a child’s collection. Teachers of young children, however, that could use it with a steady supply of new players are going to love it.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child friendly, with no possible way to connect to the internet and no other hidden hazards for little fingers to find.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

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