The Everything Machine

Child Friendly
The Everything Machine offers a great combination of programming practice, logic skills, and sequencing as well as a healthy dose of creativity by giving users tools to access the Apple device’s input and output features with switches, timers, and even transmitters.

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Price: $2.99
AppStore User Rating: 4

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The Everything Machine gives players the tools to tap into the iPad/iPhone/iPod’s power and versatility by setting up an intuitive programming language. Users can experiment with turning the device’s built in sensors, hardware and features on and off on command to accomplish a wide array of tasks.

Features include:

  • Introduces concepts from computer programming and circuitry
  • Allows players to control camera, screen, recorder, speakers, gyroscope and more
  • Includes logic gates, routers and transmitter commands to create sophisticated devices
  • Integrates multiple devices
  • Saves and has the capability to share inventions


This app is a creative and high-quality system that will spark imagination and develop understanding about how computer-controlled devices work. Developers have given users the tools to literally turn the device into nearly any kind of machine they can dream up by inputting the proper sequence of commands. The interface is intuitive, so even younger players can enjoy the app, and the system is powerful, so adults can be creative as well.  There’s something here for nearly everyone!


The Everything Machine is aptly named. The only limits here are in users’ imaginations.  This app has put together a remarkable list of commands, switches, and controls and allows users to sequence them so that the device takes on a whole new life of its own. Dozens of options allow users to turn effects on and off, control the circumstances under which device features activate, and how the device responds.  There are several example projects included in the users manual which will spark users’ creativity and get the ball rolling.  For example, one project is called a “Cookie Thief Catcher.”  It is built by programming the device’s camera to snap a shot of the next person who opens the cookie jar and to yell a discouraging message like “LEAVE MY COOKIES ALONE!” Players will enjoy dreaming up new creations and then solving the puzzle of how to make them into reality.

And if you put the sheer fun aside, kids (and adults) who use this app will learn a lot about computer programming, logic, sequencing, and circuitry by building their creations. The mental exercise of problem-solving and sequencing is a huge benefit to nearly anyone, even if they have no interest in programming down the road.  Much like solving other types of puzzles, this app will really put the mental muscles to work.


The developers behind The Everything Machine have a really good idea of what will appeal to kids. In addition to the Cookie Thief Trap mentioned above, there are other sample projects to kick start creativity, including sending sound effects to nearby devices. The possibilities for practical jokes are nearly endless when you combine the ability to record your own sounds or messages, then transmit them to a friend’s device.  It would also be fun to set a goal of making a machine to do a specific task and compete to see who can come up with the fasted solution, the most elegant solution, or the solution with the fewest number of steps.  This is an app that kids can use with friends or that adults and kids can enjoy together.


It’s hard to believe this app is only priced at $2.99.  It digs into the innards of devices and offers control of camera, recorder, screen, gyroscope, speakers, and more.  It also includes an assortment of software switches and toggles, timers, and even logic controls. In short, it’s very sophisticated and allows almost endless types of arrangements.  Most kids will have hours of fun and will learn a lot while playing.

Child Friendliness

This app is child friendly. The Parents’ Section, which contains links, ratings, email sign-ups and more, is protected by a private pin number input by the adult in charge.  The “More Apps” section, however, is visible and fairly easy to access. The parent gate that prevents children from accessing the App Store is a simple swipe of two fingers, and most children who use this app will be reading well enough to get past it if they wish.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)

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