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Painting Lulu Coloring App & Coloring Books for Kids App Review

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Price: Free


Painting Lulu Coloring Books For Kids is a cute coloring book app that allows children to color and create to their heart’s content. With lots of fun coloring pages to enjoy and other pages you can create and add on your own, this app offers endless opportunities for the little artist in your home.

Features include:

  • Pre-loaded Lulu & Friends Coloring Books
  • Page scanner
  • Photo booth


Painting Lulu Coloring Books For Kids is a creative and easy to use app for kids that will inspire little artists to color and create gorgeous masterpieces. The developers have done a nice job of including features that children can easily use including the photo booth function that allows children to take their own photos and turn them into coloring pages. The coloring functions also provide a wide variety of pencils, crayons, markers, paint, and colors to choose from that children will love. Overall, this app is very well done.


Not rated for education.


Children are going to fall in love with this app especially if they love to create their own masterpieces at home. Not only can little ones color the pre-loaded coloring books that are included, but they can also create their own using the photo booth function or scan new pages from the official paper to digital coloring packs and pages available in stores. There are also options to purchase additional coloring books including Hot Wheels, Barbie and many more. This app is also perfect for children who may already have some of the Painting LuLu coloring books at home because they can use a special code to unlock some of the additional coloring books within the app.


As a parent it is always great to find apps that are free and full of value and this is one of those apps. Painting LuLu Coloring Book comes with a pre-loaded with Lulu & Friends Coloring books with the option to purchase or unlock some of the others for an additional fee through an in-app purchase. As it is now, the app still offers great value allowing children to create their own coloring pages and books.

Child Friendliness

Overall the developers have done a nice job of making this app easy to use for children of all ages. With simple tap and drag functioning, children can paint, color, draw, and create their own masterpieces with ease. The additional photo booth option is also easy to use as it allows children to take their own pictures and create fun coloring pages and books all their own.

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Child Friendly
Painting Lulu Coloring Books For Kids
Painting Lulu Coloring Books For Kids is a little artist's dream app! With lots of fun coloring pages to enjoy and the option to create your own coloring pages, this app has it all.
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