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MARTi is an innovative and outstanding tool that will improve quality of life for individuals struggling with learning problems, dementia, cognitive challenges, autism, traumatic brain injury and many other conditions that impair reasoning, memory, sequencing and other vital skills.

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MARTi provides users with step-by-step video and audio directions to complete simple tasks.  These prompts can be created by parents, caregivers, teachers, mentors or others, and can be used by persons with disabilities, dementia, traumatic brain injury, or any other condition that limits the ability to sequence or recall tasks.

Features include:

  • Use photo, video and/or audio prompts and cues
  • Create task directions for nearly any sequence of actions
  • Share tasks with other users of MARTi
  • Optional step confirmation setting
  • Optional password protection


MARTi is a very high quality app.  Developers added in numerous features that will help caregivers, teachers and coaches create sequenced sets of directions for clients to accomplish basic tasks.  The app includes helpful tutorials to get started, and the controls are intuitive.  This app will help people with many types of disabilities and learning differences gain independence at home, at school and in the workplace.


One of the many challenges facing individuals with learning differences or memory problems is how to recall, sequence and perform the small steps that make up basic but necessary tasks in life, such as fixing a cup of coffee, washing dishes, or solving long division problems.  MARTi provides tools that can help.  Mentors can create step-by-step task directions using a combination of photos, videos and audio recordings. The app can even include choices in the array.  Users then follow these steps to accomplish the desired task.

Using the app is easy and intuitive, and the tutorials are clear and simple.  The toughest part, which most professionals who work with individuals with learning challenges will be familiar with, will be breaking a task up into a manageable series of steps.  This app allows lots of flexibility in this regard; users can add almost as many steps as they wish to each sequence.

Within each task, users can set an option to “check off” steps as they are completed and also to password protect tasks.  Finished task breakdowns can be shared with other MARTi users, too.  I hope the developers create a library of basic tasks for users to use as a resource.


This app is not intended to be entertaining.


This app could be free because it’s actually priceless.  One of the biggest barriers to independent living, working, and even functioning is frequently difficulty with performing basic tasks and this app offers a great tool to ease that burden.  It will take some effort to set up task sequences for individuals who need this kind of help, but the end result will be well worthwhile.  And because it is so extremely customizable, mentors can create instructions that are highly personalized.  They can, for example, show the client’s favorite cup in the coffee-making sequence, or refer to specific places and equipment in work-related tasks, such as showing the exact closet where cleaning supplies would be found.

Child Friendliness

Though this app is intended primarily for use by disabled adults, it is quite child-friendly.  The app includes the capability to hide the administrative functions and make them accessible only with a “secret gesture” that is unlikely to be made at random.  Inside the administrative area, there are some unprotected links, such as to the ratings system on the App Store and to the developers’ website.  However, it is easy to hide access to this section if needbe.  One other thing to be aware of is that the developers’ website is in French, since this app is produced in Canada.  A quick click on Google’s Translate button will solve that problem, though videos and other media on the site are still in French.

  • Ability to hide administrative functions
  • NO social media
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES Rate This App function (can be hidden)
  • YES email connection (can be hidden)
  • YES links to website (can be hidden)

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