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Help kids build number recognition and logic skills in a fun and creative way.

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Price: $7.99
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An app with the name DragonBox Numbers may seem like a simple counting app for kids, but this app is anything but. In fact, while the app focuses on basic counting, addition, and subtraction skills, it is very appropriate for a wide group of ages. To play the app, kids solve puzzles to earn coins. They must correctly place the nooms in the empty spaces in the puzzles, subtly learning facts about addition, subtraction, and geometry at the same time.

Features include:

  • Count the Nooms
  • Add and subtract
  • Learn place value
  • Earn and spend coins


Developers have created a fun and educational app for kids. They have also created a high-quality app for kids. The peppy background music and silly Nooms give the app a highly energetic and exciting tone. The extensive selection of puzzles and multiple ways to solve them add another dimension of quality to the app. After setting up an account, parents will find that kids can easily navigate through the puzzles. To complete a puzzle, they must spend their coins, which are displayed in neat place value piles at the bottom of the screen. The place value piles and other small details are what really make the app stand out for its quality.


While the math lessons contained within this app may be subtle, they are done well. To kids, the focus of the app is on learning puzzles, although learning how to count, add, and subtract is clearly the main goal. To complete puzzles, kids must create groups of Nooms to correctly fit the empty spaces. For example, they may have to stack three Nooms to fit a spot or cut a Noom by one to get it to the right size. After kids successfully complete a puzzle, they earn coins. These coins add another dimension to the educational value of the app. Their coin total is displayed according to place value on the bottom of the screen. As kids purchase new puzzles, they must drag their coins to purchase the puzzle. The coins are counted out as they go.


At first, the app seems a bit frustrating since kids can only complete three puzzles before earning more coins. Thankfully, kids amass coins quickly and will soon be completing the puzzles they want. The more difficult the puzzle, the more coins it costs and the more coins it awards. Kids can opt to spend all of their coins on harder puzzles or complete easier puzzles to build up enough coins to play the most expensive puzzles.

All of the puzzles are entertaining and feature the silly Nooms. Kids can bounce them, throw them, build them up, and cut them down. They make fun sounds and move so quickly that they prove to be a delight to kids.


One of the only negatives of DragonBox Numbers is the price. This app contains a lot of puzzles and is a great way to help kids build both basic math and logic skills. However, there many other awesome math and logic apps available at lower prices, making it difficult for parents to decide to purchase this one at its current price.

Child Friendliness

In order to access the app for the first time, parents must set up a child’s profile. The app requests an e-mail address so parents can track a child’s progress, but the step can be skipped (although not without some pushy requests to set up an account afterwards). However, once kids are logged in to their profiles, the app is completely safe and free from unwanted content.

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Help kids build number recognition and logic skills in a fun and creative way.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars