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Solving math problems becomes kids' special power as they use their skills to build towers and help transform monsters back into numbers in this game that increases in difficulty as kids practice their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.

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Does your child have the power to free the numbers in this adventurous math app? Tower Math puts kids’ math skills to the test as they build towers and attempt to free the numbers that have been turned into monsters by the evil wizard. The more problems they solve correctly, the more towers they can build, and the more special skills they earn, making it easier to stay on top of the monsters that increasingly appear on the screen.

Features include:

  • 5 player profiles
  • Multiple levels of play
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division
  • Increases in difficulty


From the moment they hear the adventurous background music, kids will be ready to take on the mission. They’ll also be impressed by the on-screen tutorial as they start playing and they will be motivated to keep solving problems by the speed of the game. On the settings screen, kids have the option to change the quality of the game, opting to make it move faster or slower to fit their individual preference.


As kids play the game, it gradually increases in difficulty. Kids who want to keep solving simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems may still find themselves able to do that while still correctly completing the levels at first. However, sticking to a lower level of difficulty in the types of problems they solve will keep them from earning gold medals. Instead, they’ll want to build taller towers, which requires solving more difficult problems, to earn the gold medals and change the monsters back into numbers sooner. While it’s a bit hard to find, the built-in scribble pad also helps kids write out the problems so they don’t have to solve the more difficult problems entirely in their heads.


Many kids will focus so much on the game at hand that they’ll forget they’re practicing their math skills while they’re playing. While solving problems remains central to their success in the game that they become so caught up in quickly building towers and transforming the monsters that they don’t have time to be intimidated by the more advanced math problems they encounter as they go. The ability to earn medals and select their own avatars will also keep kids entertained as they play.


Multiple levels of play, increasing levels of difficulty, and the ability to work with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems are only a few of the factors that make Tower Math a great value. Add to it the fact that parents and teachers can create up to five different player profiles and it becomes an awesome deal.

Child Friendliness

A brief tutorial starts off the game, getting kids acclimated to the screen and the task they need to complete. This is good because once they get started, the game moves at a fast pace. In fact, kids will be so focused on playing the game, they may not notice that they can gain access to additional developer apps by simply holding down the their icons for three seconds or that they can access the info screen, which allows them to turn the sound on or off and adjust the quality of the game.

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