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Review Summary:

Ladybug Zee is a cute storybook app with lots of in story activities that will keep children engaged as they help Zee assist some of her insect friends.

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Price: $3.99
AppStore User Rating: 5

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Ladybug Zee is a cute storybook app full of fun activities for children to enjoy. This story not only teaches children about sharing and helping others, but it also provides in story activities including a matching game, a puzzle, and a many other simple interactive pieces that flow well with the story. This app is one that young children will really enjoy for all of the awesome activities and story included.

Features include:

  • Narration
  • In story activities
  • Cute storyline


Ladybug Zee is a cute storybook app that is easy to use. While text-highlighting is not included in this storybook, the developers have included narration options for children to use who may not be reading on their own. They have also included arrows at the bottom of the pages to make it easy to turn to the next page. The illustrations and images that are well done and add nice visual appeal as children follow along with the story.


While there are not many education specific features in this app, the story itself does teach children about the importance of helping people in trouble. Children also have the opportunity to practice their reading skills as they move through the app. One thing I did notice about the app is that there are some spelling errors throughout that could make it difficult for the education value of the app.


Ladybug Zee is a cute storybook app with lots of in story activities for children to enjoy. The story itself is quite entertaining and the developers have created nice transition and flow for the activities to blend in the story. As children learn about helping others they get hands on experience by helping feeding Zee and setting a tangled spider free from his web. Other activities include a matching game, a puzzle, and a maze for children to enjoy. Unfortunately, the activities are only accessible in the story itself. It would be nice to have them accessible from the main page for children to enjoy without having to read through the story all over again.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app is a good deal. With a great story and lots of activities included, this app has a lot to offer children in terms of entertainment without breaking the bank. I think parents will agree it is a good buy.

Child Friendliness

With narration options and an easy to use interface this story is great for children of all ages. The developers have included arrows at the bottom of the page to help assist children as they move through the pages and the activities which is great for young users. Parents can also rest assured knowing that the ‘more apps’ button is protected so children will not likely get into areas they shouldn’t be.

Adding text highlighting and access to the in app activities from the main page would be great and would help improve the child friendliness of the app.

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