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Take a closer look at the human body through a fun rhyming story featuring the Cat in the Cat and his friends. Mixed in with the trademark Seussical rhymes, kids will find information about their bodies, from the hair on their heads to the toes on their feet, and everything in between.

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Help kids learn more about their body by introducing them to Inside Your Outside. This fun, rhyming story helps kids learn all about their bodies and how they work. As they read through the playful rhymes, they’ll enter the Inside-Your-Outside Machine where they’ll see interactive diagrams of the body and learn about some the key parts of the body, such as the brain and the heart. After they’ve learned about the various body parts, they can review them in the interactive glossary or read through the book again to get a second look.

Features include:

  • Interactive diagrams
  • Highlighted narration
  • Glossary
  • Read to Me and Read to Myself


As with most of the Cat in the Hat apps from Oceanhouse Media, this interactive e-book doesn’t lack quality. It features the same playful narration, word highlighting, and interactive vocabulary. Since the book deals with parts of the body, it also incorporates numerous clearly labeled diagrams and lots of vivid descriptions to help kids truly grasp what body part each page is talking about.


Did you know that there’s a bone in your ear that is the size of one grain of rice? Or that your brains is about the size of two fists put together? This is just a small sampling of the wealth of facts about the body that kids will learn as they read through the story. They’ll learn about their heart, brain, bones, joints, and even the five senses. As they read, keywords are highlighted, defined, and also included in a glossary to help ensure kids understand and remember the scientific vocabulary.


Not only will kids learn a lot about the body, they’ll get to have fun exploring it. Interactive diagrams help kids experience the body through a hands-on approach. They’ll also enjoy learning some of the fun facts, such as discovering that when they see through their eyes, the picture their brain sees is actually upside down or learning that you use more muscles when you frown than when you smile. While kids will enjoy these fun facts and the illustrations and animations the accompany, the e-book is full of information, so much so that kids may not be able to get through it all and stay focused in one sitting.


With high quality comes a high price tag. For its length alone, most parents will feel its content justifies the price, but frugal parents may opt to wait for a sale before adding this title to their children’s digital library.

Child Friendliness

Kids can select from a read to me or read to myself option or record their own custom narration. Whatever option they choose, they’ll be so engaged with the story that they may not even notice the icons highlighting additional e-books from the developer and information about the app. While access to the app store to purchase these books is hidden behind parental block, accidentally swiping the right way could give kids access. Therefore, parents may want to keep a close eye on their kids as they read.

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