The Trip – Little Critter Reading Adventure

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Review Summary:

This beautifully illustrated app takes you on an exciting adventure – the Critter’s family road trip! You’ll run into problems along the way, so you’ll need your thinking cap on to make sure you get to your vacation destination.


The loveable Critter family are going on vacation. Taking the role of Little Critter, you need to help the family pack up the car, and then you’re ready to set off. There will be lots of obstacles along the way, and you’ll need to complete games, puzzles and tasks to continue on your journey. Luckily you have your trusty backpack filled with carefully selected items that might come in useful.

Features include:

  • Animated graphics
  • Story Telling Mode
  • Games, puzzles and tasks
  • Spelling Flashcards


This is a top quality app. This beloved family story and fun characters are brought to life by the use of modern technology, allowing you to share this story with the next generation. The beautiful illustrations, fun characters, interactive scenes and in-app games guarantee that this app will provide hours of entertainment


The learning possibilities on this app are endless. You collect flashcards through the game, and can look at them at any point. This is great for younger children learning to read, and will help them to recognise new objects. There are lots of hidden games to be enjoyed. From spelling, to pairs, to sequences, to reading, this app really has it all. If any of the games are too advanced for younger players, they can easily be skipped.


This is such a fun app to play. The story is brought to life, and it feels like you’re watching a cartoon – except you’re in it! You make decisions about the journey route, you choose which games to play, and you select what happens next. It’s a story you can control.

There are so many different games and hidden extras in this game, that it will keep your child entertained for hours. It’s a fun story too, so you won’t tire of it either. The app can be played as a game, or can be enjoyed like a simple story book with you doing the reading.


At only $3.99, this app is the perfect purchase for your little one. It’s such a fantastic app. There are lots of in-app games to play, loads of fun facts, heaps to learn and oodles of fun to be had. Your child will learn how to problem solve, develop their memory, improve their spelling and reading skills, all while having fun. It can also be read like a storybook, so even when the game has been completed, you can still have it as an enjoyable bedtime story.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child friendly. It’s easy to use, engaging and fun. There are no adverts featured in this app. Within the game itself, there are no social media links and no optional extras. You’ll be able to hand your tablet over in confidence. There is a “For Parents” section but to access it, the user must hold a button for three seconds, so it’s pretty safe from most kids! Once in the parents section, you’ll be able to link to social media and buy extra in-app games for your child to enjoy.

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