State Bingo and Road Trip US

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Review Summary:

The perfect app to keep your child learning while on summer vacation and to keep them engaged and entertained on long road trips.

The perfect app to keep your child learning while on summer vacation and to keep them engaged and entertained on long road trips.



State Bingo and Road Trip U.S. is one of our featured apps in the At-A-Glance: Road Trip Apps For Kids post that will teach children fun facts about each state and keep them busy while in the car for long periods of time. With two ways to play, children have a choice of whether to try their knowledge answering questions about each state in a game of bingo or in the road trip game. Playing this app will not only keep them learning while on vacation, but also keep them engaged and entertained along the way.

Features include:

  • 2 Games: State Bingo and Road Trip US
  • 3 Difficulty levels for each game
  • Fun facts about each state
  • A map that can be used for extra help


The first thing you may notice about this app are the brightly colored illustrations and the cute animated car character that is included. The audio contains sound effects for correct answers, incorrect answers, car noises, and lively background music; all of which are clear and well done. The user interface is also very simple to use and children of all ages will be able to enjoy this app without a lot of guidance.

Overall, developers have done a wonderful job creating an innovative and educational app that has just enough bells and whistles to keep children entertained while not overwhelming them. The game concepts are unique and the animations and illustrations are very well done. I think parents will agree this app is one of the better quality apps out there.


The primary educational function of this app is based around geography and history. Each game allows children to test their knowledge by asking questions about specific states. Questions vary in difficulty based on what is selected at the beginning of each game and they span a wide variety of topics. For instance, one question might be the capital of Oregon or the state flower. As children play they will not only test the knowledge they already have, but also learn so much more.

Another great area of the app that gives a bit of history is the “My Statehoods” section. This area gets filled in as children play and successfully complete each game. With each successfully completed game, children get awarded another statehood that shows the order in which the states became part of the U.S. along with the date. This provides yet another opportunity for children to learn about each state.


Everyone loves a great game of bingo and when you couple it with trivia questions you have a recipe for fun. Not only is this app full of great information and educational opportunities, but it is also put together in a very fun way. Children won’t even realize they are learning as they play because they will be having so much fun. It is also nice that there is a reward system in place that allows children to work toward collecting all 50 statehoods to add to their collection.

The Road Trip US game is also a trivia based game with a twist. Children get to choose a trip across the US and must select the path (state-by-state) that will allow them to get from one area to the other by correctly answering trivia questions. With the 4 lives (indicated by 4 tires), they must be very careful as to how they answer each question. This challenging game will keep children engaged in a fun and challenging way.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app might be a little more than some parents want to pay, but it is definitely worth it. With the many hours families spend in the car on road trips and the ability for children to learn while they play, this app offers a great deal of education and entertainment.

Child Friendliness

It can often seem difficult to find apps that are 100% safe for children to use, but State Bingo and Road Trip US is completely safe. There are no in app purchase links, advertisements, or links to social media, so children will not be distracted from the educational games.

The user interface is also very simple to use and with no additional guidance needed to get started, kids can jump in and start playing right away.

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