Science Heroes 1: The Digestive System for Kids

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Review Summary:

Science Heroes 1: The Digestive System for Kids is an incredibly entertaining and educational app for children that will excite, engage, and teach children valuable information about their bodies.

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Science Heroes 1: The Digestive System for Kids is an incredibly entertaining and educational app for children that will excite, engage, and teach children valuable information about their bodies. It is full of fun games, exciting characters, and a great concept that will leave children with a wealth of knowledge about how the digestive system works.
Features include:

  • Game-like interface
  • Great educational information
  • Easy to understand facts


If you have played any of the apps by Yogome you know that the images are full of color and the apps are full of interactive games and this app is no different. Not only does it have a unique set-up for teaching children about the digestive system, but the games are also full of great sound effects, illustrations, and interesting characters that help children really apply what they are learning. Needless to say like the other apps by this developer, this app is of very high quality.


What better way is there to learn about the digestive system than to see how it works and then play games that help you progress through the various organs? The developers have created an innovative way for children to get hands on experience learning about how food moves through our system. After viewing the digestive system summary, there are 15 missions to complete in the various areas of the body (mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine) that will help solidify what players have learned. Also, before moving onto the next part of the body, there is a short quiz to test the player’s knowledge of what they have learned. This also helps bring the information full circle, so players remember the interesting facts, names of organs, and function of the digestive system as they play. This is truly a great app for teaching children about the digestive system!


There are some apps that when played are so much fun that children don’t even realize they are learning and Science Heroes 1 is one of those apps. Each mission requires players to think fast and use enzymes and stomach acid etc. to help break down food while fighting against the evil ignarus as they try to stop the digestive functioning. Children are really going to love the missions as they are set up very much like a video game and involve specific goals that are challenging and fun to play.


The first level of this app is available for free, however for just under two dollars parents can purchase the full version and I assure you it is worth every penny. With so many wonderful things to learn about the digestive system, you can’t go wrong with this app and when you add to that the entertainment value, this is one app children are going to play over and over again. The price you pay for this app is money well spent.

Child Friendliness

While some of the missions are more challenging than others, the overall app is pretty intuitive. Each level is also accompanied by a brief description of the mission and what needs to be done to move on. It’s also nice that if children are having trouble with a level they can play it as many times as needed to pass it.There is an option to purchase the full version in the app as well as a parents section with additional information about the app, however both areas are protected. There are no social media links or other advertisements to be concerned with so parents can rest assured knowing this app is easy and safe to use for kids.

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