Plume’s School – Animals

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Review Summary:

With Plume’s School – Animals, a pleasant app for kids, they will learn to identify a large variety of animals; expanding their vocabulary and improving other skills along the way.

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Price: $1.99
AppStore User Rating: 1
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A number of educational activities will help your child discover animals from the farm, sea, jungle and savannah.

Features include:

  • Multiple educational activities
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Multiple languages available


The user interface found in Plume’s School – Animals is uncomplicated and pleasant. Children will likely need guidance in choosing the appropriate level. If parents are unsure they can refer to the in-app parents section.

Cheery music and colors, along with the positive feedback the user receives, create an enjoyable learning environment.

Simple in-app help is available on each screen. The help is specific to the current screen which is a bonus in apps for kids.

Options for muting music and changing from cursive to script are available in the protected section for parents.

The graphics and user interface could be enhanced to bring them into line for an app in this price range.


Through various educational activities children will expand their vocabulary, improve their memory and fine motor skills and learn to follow simple directions. Learning to identify animals by sound, picture and seeing or spelling the word is the focus of the app.

A beneficial feature this app is missing is the option of hearing the letter names and/or sounds when letters are touched during applicable activities; such as the spelling of animal names.


Each level contains at least six activities; the activities are similar in each level, just increasing in difficulty. Matching animals with their sound or name through a card game or drawing a line to connect them are two examples of activities. Another activity requires the child to drag the letters into the correct position to spell the word correctly.


Plume’s School – Animals contains numerous activities that can be replayed over and over. It is a universal app which is a benefit for families with multiple types of devices. A lite version is also available for download from the App Store.

Multiple user profiles would be a benefit for families.

Child Friendliness

A protected parents section includes detailed information for each of the three levels, an option to mute music and an option to change the font to cursive or script. Children are able to play this app without concern for social media buttons, ads or in-app purchases.

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