Spiderman Apps for Kids

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With another Spiderman movie in theaters, we take a peek at some apps featuring that amazing webslinger. These apps see Spiderman in book, zine, game and pure entertainment form. There are even a couple of free Spiderman apps on our list.

A highlight – which I can’t wait to download – is The Amazing Spider-man: An Origin Story which is read by Spider-man creator, Stan Lee. Unlike many apps on this list, this app is rated 4+ which is the lowest age rating for apps.

While many super hero type movies like Iron Man, Transformers, Batman and Spiderman appeal to a variety of ages, they are not always age-appropriate for kids. This list of apps includes a range of apps including book apps for the youngest to enjoy to games like Spider-Man: Total Mayhem which is targeted to an older age group.

Bottom-line, get into the summer fun with these movie-inspired Spiderman apps.

Spider-man Unlimited

Spider-man Unlimited is an action-packed arcade-like gaming app that offers loads of adventure and unique game play to keep children engaged for hours.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the official game of the Spider-man 2 movie. This action, adventure game has all kinds of web-slinging, evil villain defeating fun kids will love.

The Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-man offers a movie story line adventure as players help Spider-man defeat the Lizard. Equipped with a 3D New York setting, players will think they are playing a video game rather than an app.

Spider-man Total Mayhem

Spider-man Total Mayhem is another great app that allows players to help Spider-man save the city from the super villains taking over. Full of fun, action, and excitement!