Best Geography Apps for Kids (Reader’s Choice)


A few weeks ago, we asked our readers what their favorite geography apps were and we received this list of geography apps. The list is now closed for new nominations, but you can always let us know your favorite apps in the comments section.

The vote for Best Geography App For Kids (Reader’s Choice) will end March 31st, 2012. We will announce the Best Geography app in early April.

Don’t forget to check out our Geography App reviews too, you’ll find several of the ones nominated here, including some 5 star apps..

Voting Rules: One vote for one geography app, one time.

Vote for your favorite Geography App for kids!

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The nominations for best Geography App for kids!

Stack the States – Best Geography App Nominee


Stack the Countries – Best Geography App Nominee


Wood Puzzle USA Map – Best Geography App Nominee


Puzzleography: World Geography Puzzle Game – Best Geography App Nominee


Wander Our World – Best Geography App Nominee


Shake the States – Fun Games for Kids Series – Best Geography App Nominee


World Countries ALL-IN-ONE Free. 7 Educational Apps – Best Geography App Nominee


Geogame World Series – Geography Game, Quiz and Trivia – Fun & Educational! – Best Geography App Nominee


Topo USA – Best Geography App Nominee


Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz – Best Geography App Nominee


GeoBee Challenge HD by National Geographic – Best Geography App Nominee


TapQuiz Maps World Edition – Best Geography App Nominee


U.S. Geography by Discovery Education iPad Edition – Best Geography App Nominee


iReading HD – Animal Puzzle World – Best Geography App Nominee


GeoPop – Best Geography App Nominee


Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book – Best Geography App Nominee


Border Brain – Best Geography App Nominee

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  1. James Seaboyer 3 years ago

    What about Canada eh? Canadian developer HB Studios has created an iPad game that teaches Canadian trivia facts and geography!

    Check out the website for video and screenshots

    Find us on the App Store:


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  4. Sean Gaston 3 years ago

    Check out “Geo Challenge! World Map and Flag Master for Kids” It has a 3D spinning globe function and gives fun info on lots of countries (greeting in their native language, popular stories, tradition clothing, etc.). The flashcards are also a fun way of memorizing world flags.

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  5. Andrew 3 years ago

    Your World is the best one I have seen. It should be on this list :)

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  7. Bob Kasenter 4 years ago

    This is the best kid-friendly, educational site that I have seen. This is a must app if you want your kids to have fun while learning.

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  8. Lesley Taylor 4 years ago

    Thanks for the nominations….it’s now time to vote!

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  9. Esther Naalden 4 years ago

    As a mom from Holland I would like to nominate Wood Puzzle USA Map as it learns not only my kids something but also me 😉

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  10. Lars Schmid 4 years ago

    My suggestion: Border Brain (iPhone), nice geography app

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  11. Anna Zlobina 4 years ago

    Hi there,

    I want to nominate the app Geo Walk – 3D World Fact Book.

    Kind regards,

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