Monkey Word School Adventure

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Review Summary:

Kids can take a trip to the jungle while jungle friends help them learn to identify and write upper and lowercase letters and spell three to five letter words. Monkey Word School Adventure is highly customizable, allows for multiple user accounts and hours of entertainment.

Fun educational entertainment for a great price; a learning game kids will want to play over and over again… and parents won’t mind.



Kids can take a trip to the jungle while jungle friends help them learn to identify and write upper and lowercase letters and spell three to five letter words. Monkey Word School Adventure is highly customizable, allows for multiple user accounts and hours of entertainment.

Features include:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Highly customizable
  • App automatically adjusts difficulty to child performance
  • Six games covering a variety of learning objectives and a free-play area
  • Child-safe environment



Monkey Word School Adventure has almost everything you could want in an educational game app for kids ages 3 to 7.

Set in a jungle backdrop, kids will find the app entertaining and easy to use. Parents will find the app easy to customize for up to three users and will be pleased with the child-safe environment their little ones will enjoy playing in. User accounts can be easily managed from within the app.

This highly customizable app allows you to choose which learning objectives kids should work on and at which level of difficulty by choosing any combination of the six games available. The knack feature can be used for the auto adjustment of level difficulty based on a user’s performance.

In-app instructions are available and cover a number of topics such as how to add a player, Knack Technology, Settings, Game Interface and more.

One thing missing that some parents or educators may be looking for in an app such as this is detailed progress tracking reports; reports that display the details of performance for each user as games are played.

If an app lacks features that help or encourage a child succeed, in my mind, it is not worth the download; no matter the bells and whistles, price or educational content. Monkey Word School Adventure has done a great job incorporating features that encourage success.

Positive Feedback: all feedback given throughout the entire app is always positive no matter how the child performs.

In-app Assistance: I especially like how letters and words are spoken aloud often and can be repeated as needed. In addition to the words being spoken, a picture of the word to be spelled is available in some games. In other games, letter hints are available to guide young spellers.


Learning objectives in this app range from letter recognition and writing to spelling skills for words with up to five letters. Six games, with three levels of difficulty, are available for working on those objectives. As kids play they are rewarded with items for their terrarium, which is the free play area. Items are awarded often and kids are able to visit the terrarium anytime they choose. Home and terrarium buttons are available on every game screen.

The six games are Letter Writing, Spelling Stone, Word Wall, Sight Birds, Phonics Bridge and Rhyming Maze.

Letter Writing: provides exercises for learning to write upper and lower case letters. Required strokes are demonstrated and guide arrows are available. Letter order is random so having the option to choose which letters a child focuses on would be beneficial to teachers and parents.

Spelling Stone: provides exercises for spelling words with three to five letters.

Word Wall: plays much like a word search puzzle; each level offers a different number of words per screen.

Sight Birds: this is a faster paced game than the others. The child needs to touch as many of the gems as possible that match the given letter or word in a specific amount of time.

Phonics Bridge: help the chinchilla complete words that form the bridge so that he can cross the bridge to see his friend.

Rhyming Maze: help the chinchilla find his way to the treasure by finding the rhyming words.

During my testing I found the app to contain a good variety of three to five letter words. Words such as map, net, bat, arm, red, bed, milk, ball, leaf, barn, house, whale, tooth, pail, trick, and bread are just a small sampling of the words used throughout the app.


Monkey Word School Adventure provides a substantial amount of variety with six different games and a free play area. Kids will not run out of things to do as the app offers endless game play.

The app is designed in a welcoming manner with adorable characters, lively jungle type music and sounds and a backdrop that will make kids feel as though they are in the jungle.


This app is an amazing value considering the numerous features and variety of learning objectives. It allows for up to three user accounts; each account can be customized and managed individually, all from within the app. Monkey Word School Adventure offers educational entertainment at a reasonable price.

Child Friendly

Social media buttons and external links are located within the protected Settings menu. Monkey Word School Adventure does not contain ads or in-app purchases, all content and features are available with the initial download.

The app has many built-in features to assist those learners that may struggle; such as letter guides and hints, ability to hear words and letters repeated as often as needed and verbal instructions when a child may not know what to do next.

Monkey Word School Adventure is in many ways a sister app to our math game, Monkey Math School Sunshine. We see kids starting with Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and “graduating” to Sunshine and Adventure, our new app.

Monkey Word School Adventure also marks the first time we’ve released an app simultaneously for Android and iOS.

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